Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 1: Chris Reporting from the MTC

Hello Family,

How are you guys? I'm glad to hear that you're trying to reading the BOM as a family. It's such a great book. So many blessings can come from studying that book but we can't forget that the Bible is there too. We're you able to pass out all my letters? Also, you can send me letters anytime through dearelder.com. I'll get those right away. My mailbox number is #158.

So my p-day is tuesdays so I'll be sending emails only on Tuesdays

Elders on their P-day

. Please tell Jonathan or Pres Kaufman to tell him that my temple trips are tuesdays at 6:50 am. So officially, this is my first full week. I thought I'd be struggling in the language considering I'm a week behind. Fortunately for me, I was blessed with a kasama, Elder del Rosario, who is fluent in the language.

 I have a great district. We're 12 missionaries all going to the Philippines. 10 of us are going to Laoag and the 2 sisters are going to Quezon City

The District all going to Philippines

So far its been pretty fun here. Its a really cool experience being at the MTC. I guess i didn't have to worry too much about eating lots back home to gain weight cause I've been eating like crazy over here. I've been having 2 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We have devotionals twice a week. Apparently a few weeks ago, Elder Holland was here. But I would've missed that anyways. But my companion actually got to see him cause he came early. Tonight were having another one but I don't know who's going to be here. We had one on Sunday, and it was amazing. The speaker talked about what it means to be successful. Basically he said that its how well we fulfilled our purpose and if our efforts were pleasing unto the Lord. After the devotional, my district watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie. It was amazing! I really suggest you all watch it. The spirit is so strong in it.

So if you're wondering what the MTC is like, basically we have classes all day. And we got workshops. And we eat. And we sleep. That's basically the cycle. Oh! And we also teach investigators. Well pretend investigators. And we teach them purely in Tagalog. My second day here, I had to teach someone already and I was so behind on the language study. Fortunately we had this pocket book of phrases for the PMG lessons so that came in really handy. Theres really not much exciting things happening at the MTC besides all those. We really just do a lot of studying like personal, companionship and language study. It's pretty much like being back in school but different education.
Beat Boxing in class

Sis Wilson and her spoons

Anyways, I really love being here. I can't wait to go to the Philippines! I love and miss you all! Alam ko po na totoo ang ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo. Alam ko po na pagbabayad-sala ni Jesucristo. Alam ko po na tumatawag ang Diyos ng mga propetas. That's my Tagalog for you. Love you all!

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