Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reporting to the MTC (part 1 )

Okay so the tears started flowing again.....

 I didn't realize it was going to be so hard to let him go.
It's not so much of the letting go.
 I have been preparing and hoping for him to go on a mission since he was young and I can't describe the joy I felt when he finally decided it on his own.
So the emotional roller-coaster is not only because I will miss him.
Yes I admit I'm a little nervous for him.
I didn't realize he would be going to Philippines. I felt like a bad mother not teaching him the language. I tried a little by buying a Tagalog CD and teaching the kids when they were young but failed to implement it.

I guess, it's the feelings that all missionary mothers go through and it's not something easy to describe.
 There's something sacred about the feeling. It's a glimpse of an eternal joy.

We still managed to squeeze in some more shopping at the Deseret Books and then passed by the Missionary Mall to order more pants.

By shopping at the Missionary Mall, he had a free meal at this Smokehouse restaurant.
Their sauces is to die for!

It was a cute little restaurant

Then we headed out to pick up Jonathan and Cherie at their place

The newlyweds are so cute with their matching jackets :)

Went to BYU, passed by their Stadium

They toured the University while I tried to catch some zzzzz in the car

The famous BYU Creamery

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