Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Service in Utah

It was a misty morning on the way to church. 
It was exciting to finally see Utah during the day.
They said it was one of their coldest days and we thought... "oh man... you should live in Canada!"
They had just a blanket of snow and you can see people walking around in shorts.
It was awkward
A view from our hotel window

As we drove up to the church, I saw in the horizon a strange cloud formation.....
this is how the mountains look like in the morning. They look like clouds
 As we got closer, I realized it was huge mountains.
I was awestruck by it's beauty.
I love the ocean but I knew now that I love the mountains just as much.

But I think what amazed me the most was seeing all the LDS church steeples
in almost every block. 
It was almost like having the corner stores (depanneur) in Quebec

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