Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reporting to the MTC at 1:30pm (part 4 , Final GOODBYES!)

Well.... enough trying to postpone the inevitable!

This was it and 10 mins to the time, we headed back from our alfajore hunt towards the MTC.
So Joe offered a quick prayer for Chris ( he choked with tears) and we were all in tears. But I was so happy to have Jon and Cherie with us to soften the blow otherwise I would've been a mess :)
Jonathan counting down the minutes!
the very busy entrance of the MTC

Welome Crew!

Lots of missionary hosts

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ok let's do this!

"So unfortunately,  families can no longer go in the building you'll have to say your goodbyes here!"

"You might as well get started because he needs to go in soon"

Come here!

Group hug

2 mins later

5 mins later

10 mins.... "awwww Mom I gotta go!"

"Ok..ok break it up, it's my turn!"

"That's my Bud! Now get yourself outta here and see you in two years!"

And he was off and our car ride back to Jon's home was pretty silent.

So yes...
this beginning part of Chris blog was me speaking....
 now Joe will do the rest and post up Chris's letters only once a week so
 that way we don't make you guys yawn...hehe.

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