Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reporting to the MTC (part 3 , The Alfajore Hunt)

We had time to kill and it was about an hour left after the temple pics.
So we decided to go for an
"Alfajore Hunt"

Remember the cookies Chris left behind in Montreal and wanted badly to go back for?

Well, somehow during the ride towards Jonathan's apt. Chris managed to spot a sign 'Alfajore'
but couldn't remember the street.

We checked online but no luck so we decided to retrace our tracks.
We drove around and all our eyes were on the signs.

Chris was never happier, it was comfort food for his anxiety :)
After much driving and with Cheri's navigational skills.....
We FOUND it!!!!
Spelt Alfajor (a chilean cookie or argentinian)

Excited to see what it is!

Only to find out that someone had bought the 'whole stock' a few days ago!!!
What luck!

The Hunt continued the NEXT Day after reporting to the MTC. 

Joe and I planned on looking for that mysterious cookie just so we could surprise Chris by sending it to him at the MTC. 
So we headed out early to look for it as soon as the bakery opened. There was one establishment we found online and we couldn't wait to surprise him with it.

Opening hours: 10am
So we rushed out there just before we headed for Salt Lake City again.

So happy to see the bakery

Until we looked in and it was empty except for a gumball stand. It looked as if they just recently closed!
How terribly SAD!!!

But just to see how an Alfajores cookies look like...
I took a picture of the cookie Chris left behind in Montreal
the minute we got back on Saturday.

Here's the famous alfajores!

Unfortunately with the gooey center, it doesn't keep long enough for us to send to Chris. I guess he will have to wait until he gets back home for fresh ones.

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