Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It was a CHRIS-Kris-Chris-Chriss-Chris Day!

This day was surprising. 
This is what I call the CHRIS phenomena!

Chris reading his brother's letter :)
It was a Tuesday when we had the chance to go visit friends.
 It was hard a really tight day and it was the only day we had to visit friends and still try to fit in some more sightseeing before Chris reported to the MTC the next day.

Our day started with the Cheesecake Factory disappointment because it was closed for Breakfast so we headed out to Salt-Lake City and went to our next destination early.
We visited the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
 It was GRAND! 
Such beautiful architecture and rich. 
The history behind it was quite interesting and we were told that celebrities often come and go.

Well the only person I was hoping to bump into was Pres. Uchtdorf (he's my star!)

Chris #1
Well we have to include our Chris. After all, this blog is about him 
(I have to try to remember that ahemm)
The following itineraries all included a Chris in all of them. 

This was at the JSM Memorial Building
Pay attention to the lady behind us, she was the one who approached us

Kris #2
Our tour guide's name was Kris and she was such a lovely, helpful guide. We were sorry to be in such a rush because she was very informative.

The lady who approached us and her name was Kris and had been to Philippines

This is the famous spot where people like to take photos 

We stormed out of  the JSM Building and met up with Chris Bernier (who just came home to Utah from his mission in Montreal) for lunch. We were happy to see him. Now the tables changed, the two Chris swapped places. One a missionary, one not! (well he was done but forever a missionary) 

So glad we weren't far from BYU , Provo so he can join us for lunch

Chriss #4

Here we are at one of the beautiful temples in Utah. It was the closest one to the Johnson home where we were heading for dinner so this was the one! And it was beautiful.
The temple worker's name in front was Chriss (spelled with double S)
But it might have been the next temple or this one, can't remember. 

Chris #5
Last Chris of the day
We were excited to see the Johnson Family. They had just moved into this neighborhood 
with the beautiful scenic view of the mountains and not far from the temple.
Here we are in front of their lovely home

And here comes Chris Johnson (Our former bishop in Montreal)
Brother and Sister Johnson were delighted to see Chris go on his mission.

Heather prepared such a wonderful meal. Joe was ecstatic to see rice! He missed his rice lol!
And of course, I was as giddy wit the kids to have our yummy dessert! 

Never met kids who loved posing as much as me hehe!

The kids loved smiling for the photos, Joe found his models :)

After dinner entertainment. Chris played a masterpiece while Gideon danced in circles :)

More photos!

Oh oh... what's Hannah up to ?

Heather is so good with her kids.

Hannah pleads with me:  "Sis Morales, you can't leave!!!"

"Not until you've read me a story Sis. Morales!"
I guess some things are hard to forget. I used to read to Hanna in Nursery class when she was 2 yrs old.

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