Monday, January 21, 2013

Shopping List Adventure

So the shopping begins and we didn't realize what a blessing it was to be in Orem, Utah.
Everything we needed was nearby!

There was a mall everywhere so it was easy to get what he needed. The Missionary Mall was full
of the clothing he needed.

the cute little missionary that greets you  at the cash :)

This is the place I'm going... Laoag, Philippines

Place that pin on the map

Salesman: "Now if you need more, we can always send  your purchases at the MTC"

Almost done shopping!

Now to eat.... at Chillis for lunch which was not very far at all. 
Chillis Restaurant, more Mexican food.

Yes we love Mexican food. Mexican the night before, then for lunch and guess what we had for dinner?
Del TACO Mexican food. 

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