Monday, January 27, 2014

Week #45: So my foot fungus or stinky feet is gone.

Hello family!

So my foot fungus or stinky feet is gone. That was fun. At least now I don't have to smell bad everywhere. And yet again, I survived a transfer and will be staying in Vigan. I have no idea how long though.

So yeah, auntie Jean told me that ate lisa's wedding is really soon. Ate Nympha is coming back for a bit too. It's super exciting to meet my cousins finally instead of always seeing them on facebook! Hopefully I can come back here and enjoy my time with them instead of just being a missionary. At least now I have a purpose to be here in Vigan. One by one, I'm trying to track them and teach them. So far we're teaching auntie Jean, Julius, Ate Sally's family, sometimes ate Ria, and we're going to try Vanessa this week. I have special permission to roam Vigan hunting for our family. Also please tell me what information you would need for family history since I'm here. This is probably one of the best chances you have mom to get names, dates and whatever while I'm here. Sometimes, it takes time for people to get information like those, but since I'm here, I can push them hehe.

So you don't need to send me stuff really. I can get soap, shampoo, and contact solution here. In a few months though I may need to buy some more contacts. But what I really need you to send are old scriptures! Anyways, if Uncle Lito does come, he needs to drop off the stuff at the mission home in Laoag. I'm pretty sure he's not allowed to find me while I'm here unless I'm still in Vigan. I'll most likely be here until the beginning of march. Unless I survive another transfer, then I'll be here until April.

So yeah, in terms of the work here, this next transfer, we have around 6 baptisms in the first few weeks of February! We have a lot of people in mind for baptism too. It's actually been awhile since I had a baptism. We couldn't get any in Laoag because we're always in the office. We got close though but that's that. Now the work to do is in Vigan. Especially helping the district out with the work here. Things are finally picking up here in Vigan. We were counting yesterday and there should be 11 baptisms in the district.

And yes mom, you should communicate with your family here. Encourage them to listen... since you're probably on facebook a lot. Facebook message them and tell them to find me. Tell them to ask auntie Jean. I'd give you my cellphone number here but that'd be a terrible idea haha.

So let's see... interesting stories this past week... So we met this guy bong bong Ardaniel. He's a referral from the Vigan 2A elders. He lives near the Rosario family (very big family in the branch). He lives near a bible study group. So we teach at this bible study group. And one time we walked in there and bong bong wasn't there so we kinna sat in on a lecture they were giving. A lot of their beliefs go along our beliefs: God's government, religions centralized on one source. So the lady giving the lecture asked us so many questions. We answered them and ended up teaching them and more people we're interested in our message. We found out later she used to be taught by missionaries since 1992. We also found out another missionary of that bible study group was a dating member. So that's a big reason why our beliefs coincide. What's interesting is that that dating member's name is Reynaldo Morales! That's just weird. Well our last name is extremely popular in many hispanic countries.

We also had this one investigator, su-yen. We extended her baptismal invitation and she seemed unsure. Later we found out she asked her father if its okay if we continue teaching her and one day if ever, she would be baptized. Her father said to stop taking lessons so that we won't confuse her... It's sad to see these things happen but what we're planning on doing is sending the missionaries to her father in Aparri. They need it. We can tell she wants to hear the gospel.

What I also noticed is how people know Jesus Christ, but yet don't really know Him. They know that Jesus Christ died for our sins. But they don't know what that means. They don't even know what Jesus Christ did while He was alive. Read 1 Nephi 11. It's all there. It's so simple. But they just don't know. Sometimes we just take things for granted and don't really know the importance of things. Especially the atonement. One thing we become really good at as missionaries is asking questions. That's one thing I learned here. Especially asking those questions that really get you thinking about life. For example: Why does your family mean so much to you? We never ever think about those things, then we really need to think about it. Another question: What does it mean to you that Jesus Christ died for your sins? Then people really get thinking.

It's fun teaching our family here. I have fun discussions with Auntie Jean about things she noticed at churches. She loves coming to church, so does Julius. They keep bearing their testimonies to me. I don't even need to tell them to come to church. They just come. Ate Sally's family has been really busy these past few weeks due to the longganisa festival. But since that's over. Restart kami. The lesson is about what happens after this life. That should be really interesting and fun to teach them. Please mom encourage them to listen! Everyone needs a push. 2 Nephi 2:16. Entice them to do good!

It's especially fun going to the family house. I've seen the house that Uncle Lito has been giving money for. It's BIG! But there's still a lot of work to do. It's fun spending time with the nieces and nephews. It's like spending time with Esa. They all call me tito Chris. It's funny hearing my name sometimes. But the kids are so cute haha. If only you could see. Especially Ace. There's also Ashley, who kind of looks like ate alicia. There's Uno, ann ann, may may. Marami sila! Next time I will take a picture with all of them! Hopefully those story books I ordered will get here so I could give it to the kids.

So that's the news here! Love you all!

Elder Morales

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