Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #43: I found out that mom used to be the dancing star in the elementary school. LOL!

Hello everyone!

Vigan Longganisa festival is coming soon. 
And things are going to be crazy here again. It's always crazy here. There's so much people... except in our area. Our area is pretty malayo but we have to make do. Most of our investigators are from referrals. We have 7 baptismal dates and hopefully we can add some more. We had zone training meeting last week and the zone leaders set a goal for us to teach 2 new families by the end of this month. We're trying our hardest but families are really busy. It's fun though just teaching members and trying to get referrals from them. All I've been doing is teaching them from D&C 18. Over and over and over and over again... We also finally got a new BML, President Barrientos' counselor, President Rosario. So this is going to be really fun since he should already be super involved in missionary work.

Anyways, sorry no pictures. Nothing interesting happened this past week...

It was aunti Jean's birthday by the way on the 9th. So we had food. And we had a lesson. Will you be sending those scriptures for ate Sally? She really wants them. So mom, here's some information for you, inang's siblings, in order from oldest to youngest:

Rufina Dela Cruz Aludino
Geronima Dela Cruz Magno
Nicolasa Dela Cruz Agapinan
Rosalia Dela Cruz Magno
Soledad Dela Cruz Fernando

I think I'll ask them for a whole bunch of birthdays, death dates. It'll probably help a lot. I'm still getting to know the family here, especially uncle Terecisio's family. There's so many of them. I'm still super confused but I'm figuring it out still. I met kuya Alex two kids, may may and ann ann. Little kids. And some of the kids know be by my real name.. it's weird hearing "Uncle Chris." I'm like "kasano ammom ti naganko?" They just somehow know. Haha. That's fine. Auntie Jean has been telling Auntie Linda that she's been going to church. Auntie Linda apparently told her to get baptized now and Auntie Jean told me what Auntie Linda said. Auntie Jean said Auntie Linda should go to church too. So refer missionaries to Auntie Linda please, AGAD!!! HAHAHA. Tell the missionaries at home the referral and send a note saying Elder Morales sent us. The missionaries will send it to HQ. Apparently Auntie Jean has been reading in Ate Karen's shop when she has nothing to do. So far we have been really focusing on auntie, ate Sally's family, inang narcing and Julius. They're really progressing. From there, I figure we can start branching out to the rest of them.

OH! Ate Sally told me mom used to be the dancing star in the elementary school.

Let's see... any other interesting news... I really can't think of anything. I've cooked all week. Let's see... did I cook.. Sisig, Ginataan, Menudo, Sinigang, Tinola, Adobo, Pinakbet. I made a goal this week to learn how to cook new dishes... but I'm not sure what to cook. Man! Cooking takes time especially when it comes to chopping the vegetables!!! It's fun though. I don't use those powder mixes anymore so yeah.

Anyways that's the news! Take care! Love you all!!!

Elder Morales

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