Monday, January 20, 2014

Week #44: there's one name that showed up and it's "Rose Morales." That's too funny!

Hello everyone!

And yes there is a longganisa festival here... Too bad I can't go check it out.. I'll just come back Jaunary 2016 hehe.

I'm gonna lend my camera to Julius to take pictures for me. And yes I'm extremely serious in sending old scriptures and sending missionaries to Auntie Linda. I'll also try and get dating Elder Soriano to go with the missionaries to her.

Anyways... nothing really interesting happened last week. We had extra meetings this week. I had to go to Cabugao for exchanges. Apparently there are Morales there too.. but Morales is just an extremely common last name especially here. There's actually a Reynaldo Morales somewhere in Vigan. Oh and while I was looking at the zone's baptismal dates while I was up in Cabugao, there's one name that showed up and it's "Rose Morales." That's too funny!

Anyways, your family is doing good mom. Auntie and Julius should be getting baptized soon hopefully. For ate Sally and her two kids, we need them to continue coming to church but they should be back next week. Ate Sally is too busy cause she works in the city hall, and its especially busy now since its the longganisa festival. She's actually asking us all these funny questions since she's researching mormons on the internet. We got one about Joseph Smith and polygamy. Obviously there will be A LOT of stuff on the internet, usually not pointing out the good stuff, since that is the knowledge of man. It's better to go to the correct source of information. Anyways, we're going to teach them this week again. It's just hard to catch ate Sally this week though cause of the festival. We're also going to try to teach Vanessa tomorrow. Hopefully that works out.

So yesterday, we taught this guy bong bong (I'm still not sure why bong is a nick name here). This guy had really interesting things to say. He really wanted us to come to him to teach him. He has a good belief in God. He mentioned how all religions are based on a central source and how they are branches of the main source. He also talked about God's government and how it will come to the earth. I tried to explain to him the restoration, which talks about that main source, and sorta about God's government (basically the church's organization)... except he's very madaldal.

Anyways, please try to send those scriptures right away. If you can actually send soaps and contact lens solution that'd be great. I'm gonna try some cheap contact solution here.. I don't want to spend too much money right now... personal care items become mahal after awhile... especially when they all run out at the same time and especially when pamasahe is extremely expensive here in Vigan.

So that's life here in Vigan... it's pretty mahal... well that's probably because it's the city. This week is kuripot week. I don't know why were always shopping at pure gold (supermarket)... there's a perfectly good palengke... and it's cheaper. That's what's important. Supermarket is just a luxury but my companion is kind of maarte when it comes to shopping for food. Whatever hehe... that's just what I learned when I was sent far far away to the end of the mission.. Sta Ana.. now I'm at the other end of the mission. And the best area. For some reason, every missionary wants to come here to serve.

Anyways, take care all of you and I love you all!!!

Elder Morales

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