Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #42: Dad's short Trivia Question :)

How is all of you?

I'm fine here. Lock-down again this week. It was super hard to sleep on new years eve since there were so many fireworks. So if you look at the beautiful pictures, I have photos when we were on a kalesa. MAHAL TALAGA!! New year's resolution... don't ride those again... We also have pictures when we did those lanterns. That was fun. Basically we ate and ate this week. Apparently before I got here, Elder Marsh and Elder Finch we're never given mirienda time. Now we get a lot! Yummy!!! We have to make friends with those we teach. That's all I know. Actually on monday evening, a member invited all the missionaries in Vigan to have dinner at her place. That was really kind of her.
And can you believe it!? I've been out a year! Well.. not really but I have less than a year left. I'm supposed to be done January 1st 2015... what a weird time to finish. Whatever. It'll be a fun way to go home. I rather stay than leave a transfer early or else I would miss one more Christmas Zone Conference. There's a lot to miss out if I leave earlier. One of my batchmates is actually planning on going home for november... that's too bad.

Anyways, how is uncle enjoying church? Hopefully he is enjoying it. I might just go back to LaSalle ward when I'm back since it's closer to home and family is there. I rather be with family than at YSA. That's one thing I learned here. That's the culture here.. when you get married, you don't move far away from mommy and daddy. They usually live around the "family house."

So that's the news from Vigan this week! Keep me updated! Love you all and take care kanayon!

Hey dad!

Okay let's see,

1. Favourite Experience: Hehe... I don't know yet. I'll let you know when I get home. It's hard to gather all my thoughts especially experiences hehe.
2. Memorable Experience: Being sent to Vigan.
3. New Favourite Dish: Sisig
4. Oddest Filipino Dish: hmm... nothing is really weird to me here...
5. Best Spiritual Moment: Probably teaching mom's family for the first time.

And yes, there is a huge difference between life here and in Canada. People are very simple here and very kind. Back home, it's always busy busy and on the go. It's nice to be simple simple here. I don't need much to survive. Culture shock wasn't that very hard on me, even if I was sent to Sta. Ana as my first area. I think i had trouble adjusting to Philippine City Life when I went to Laoag hehe.

Anyways, I'll write more in the bigger email!

Elder Morales

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