Monday, February 3, 2014

Week #46: New companion and the 10 Commandments

Hello hello

Here I am emailing today in Vigan. Tomorrow I'm going to Laoag. We have this special meeting for all District Leaders. It happens only once a year and I get to go! hehe. It should be fun.

Oh by the way, my new companion is Elder Oberg. He's from Utah. And it's good, he can speak Tagalog. It's nice to finally have a companion that can speak and teach so that way I don't have to teach most of the lesson.

Unfortunately, this week, we've lost another investigator. They are just so set in being Catholic. She asked us if we were there to convince her to be mormon and I told her yes. Funny thing is she asked us to teach her, so something is baligtad. We think it's her mom that's influencing her. That's the biggest problem here I realized, no one wants to change. There's one super dominant religion here and everyone is stuck to it. We even taught to auntie Jean and ate Cristian about commandments a few days ago and we talked about the 10 commandments. It's surprising how the 2nd commandment is missing. There's a million idols here and they have ginormous statues of Mary. We saw it a parade. It's really weird. Ate Cristian was arguing that isn't part of the 10 commandments, to not have idols, since we read it from the Book of Mormon. We then shared it from exodus, and then she realized. It gets people thinking when you open their eyes a bit. Me and Elder Oberg might just start sharing the 10 commandments whenever we present the first lesson, especially when we reach about prophets.

Also, we found out na parte ng area namin ay sobrang mahirap. Kasi, ang lahat sila ay ang mga tinuruan ng mga missionary. Kaya, sinabi ni brother Queypo na matigas ang ulo at puso nila. So that's a good chunk of our area. Sobrang mahirap to proselyte there. We are relying sa mga referrals. Sometimes we have to travel super far away to get to one of our investigators. It's good since she has a baptismal date. So that's the interesting stories we had about proselyting so far.

So one night, we got stuck in San Pedro Sur, so we were hunting for a tryce. Then this drunk guy stopped and came to help us but then the house we were next to had a tryce. One of the guys told him to go home and sleep. And he said, "If you you go to sleep, God will love you. If you don't go to sleep, God will not love you." It's super random. Luckily we got a ride home.

So I found out that some of my cousins don't talk to me because they're shy. It just reminded me of the first day I saw Vanessa how she ran. They're super shy here haha. I'm probably going to visit them one by one in their own homes. I'll ask auntie Jean to start sharing with the family. I think she may have a big influence on people there. Even when I do leave here, she can keep helping the missionaries.

So anyways, I'm not sure what else hehe. What are some updates from back home? Anyways, take care at ay-ayatenkan!

Elder Morales

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