Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week #36: Mexican Food... Tacos and looking for Jonathan or is it Becky???

Hello and good hapon!

So let's see what I did this past week... Well we had interviews with President. The office elders and assistants did not get interviewed because he'll just interview us at the office. Sister Barrientos gave us a training on health and told us about this pill we're supposed to take every 6 months called Antiox. Basically what it does is that it kills the worms inside you and you poop the worms. So us office elders gave it a shot. It costs 102 PHP each! Mahal! (Not really... but to us it's mahal) After I took the pill, I was so afraid to poop in case I'd see worms in the toilet. There's a picture of the little white Antiox pill. It tasted like chocolate.

I also took this picture of the mexican restaurant in Laoag. It really tastes like mexican food. We we're taking duck face pictures because we danced itik-itik that day. We're almost done the dance but the steps are way weird because the counting is way off... Then we have american's trying to correct the dance steps, which they don't know themselves. It's throwing me way off. They're 8 counting a waltz step, which totally doesn't work... Whatever, it'll be fine. At least the main steps are complete, we can easily correct the counts. To get to the dance practice, we rode kalesa. That was fun.

So now, we have a lot of preparations to do for Christmas Zone Conference. Basically President told us we have to take care of everything. We also have to go make t-shirts made for all the office elders. So much work! It's even harder now. I have missionaries nagging me for Book of Mormons and pamphlets but unfortunately I'm super stuck since I have a ton of supplies on back-order. Hastening of the work but no hastening of supplies hehe. Office work is tough. I'll live hehe. We did have an office meeting on sunday and it was good. President reminded us that even though we don't have much baptisms in the office, we help other missionaries baptize others. He told us to sit back and relax sometimes. Then we ate tacos and filipino BBQ. And President was making jokes again as usual. It's always a good night when we have meetings with him.

So we found out about one of our baptismal dates. Gareth moved... but back to Buttong, which is either my area or the other office elders' area. We also tried contacting referrals and we actually found one. Elder Wood said he tried looking for her before but couldn't find her. They even asked this member, Brother Santos, if he knew her then but he said no. We asked last week if he knew her and he did. He pointed out the house for us and we tried the compound. They pointed to the house out back and as we walked closer, this lady said "Hello Elders, nandoon po siya." It's as if they're expecting us. The referral, Abby, was happy to have us there. I guess she was waiting for quite a while. So we set up a return appointment.

Elder Pincock wants me to mention that they received a referral and his name is Jonathan Lorenzo. The sisters in Laoag 3 said how he is a bit feminine. So they go searching for him asking around and people are going... "Jonathan...? Oh Becky! Over there" So they go and find this bakla and acted super feminine and ... yes that was Jonathan. He was super excited to meet them. They actually committed him to baptism. And it's good. He already goes to church. We'll see what happens.

Sooooo.... not much else interesting here. Oh yes, and we do have 1.5 hours now to do email... yet... no emails to actually read. So please tell people to email me or something. I feel kuwawa sometimes hehe. It's okay. Anyways, Happy birthday Alex! Hope it was good! And I totally miss eating that cake. Therefore, I'm expecting a whole cake of "Alex" cake when I get off that plane hehe. And yes... soon to be Happy Birthday for balong.. I mean Jordan hehe. I hope I'm still in the office for my next birthday. President takes us all out for any office elders birthday. Elder del Rosario got a cake for his birthday because he was serving in Laoag. They take good care of us so no worries.

Anyways, just send out that balikbayan box agad. The sooner it gets here the better. Basta, it's here :) Ok. Sige. Take care all of you! Mahal ko kayo! Ayo-ayo.

Elder Morales

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