Monday, November 11, 2013

Week #34: Super Typhoon and we are safe!


So we are safe here. The super typhoon hit down south in Visayas. I'm sure you got the email from the mission. I saw your response hehe. Anyways, apparently Auntie Jean is progressing here. The sisters are really working hard on them. Hopefully I hear more news about them. Hopefully they also find ate Karen. They told me they'd give me updates. Hopefully Uncle Lito softens up to the missionary lessons. Missionary work really starts at the home and that's what we're trying to really push for over here. Sometimes people are afraid when they hear of mormons because theres so many BAWAL! But they miss the fact that we really know how to have fun. Like for example, yesterday, we had the zone leaders and sister training leaders here and we played games. President Barrientos was really having fun! He was laughing so hard because so of the games are really funny.

Anyways, these past two weeks were super busy. We had the departing missionaries. There were 5. So it's kind of weird sending out missionaries. It made us a bit homesick but it's fine. What made it worse is that while we were waiting for the incoming missionaries, there was a returning missionary and he ran straight to his parents so it make us even more homesick. Then the incoming finally arrived. There's this one elder who is 6'9". He's extremely TALL!!! On friday, we had to bring all the new arrival's luggages to up north. So we travelled all the way to Aparri and stayed in Allacapan. It was a loooooooong drive. I drove there and drove back. It's a 6 hour drive. I got to drive on the mountain. It's fun. Going down, don't need to even press on the gas. Just freefall. Just press on the brakes a lot.

And again for office work, we had to do more arts and crafts. I put stickers on all the DVD players and DVDs to keep track of what we have. I had to keep calling all companionships to return all there stuff. So the desk in the office was filled with over 40 DVD players. That was fun.

We also weren't really able to teach this week. The incoming taught in our area and found our guy with a baptismal date. We always try to teach him but he's never there. But when Elder Prakash found him, they found out he's been waiting for us to go to his place. He's also been reading the Book of Mormon every night and has been marking it. It's pretty cool. Now we just need to baptize him.

Anyways, who's the new stake president!? I want to know. If not, I'll just check online. It's always there.

Anyways, send my regards to everyone. Send my regards too to Margareth and safe, even when driving.

Love you all!
Take care!

Elder Morales

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