Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week #37: And he said, "Pour moi, il n'y a pas Dieu."

Hello all!

Sorry for the late email. We travelled all the way to Sta Ana yesterday. We left at 5 am yesterday morning and arrived 11 pmlast night. We had to stop by every area to drop off their supplies. Supplies finally came in. While we were in Gonzaga area, we found their bamboo sticks outside for Tinikling so we made them sample while me and Elder Wood clicked. What was hard about delivery, it was raining up north. In Sta Ana, Elder del Rosario fed us. Then when we reached Sanchez Mira, the sisters gave us a whole bunch of snacks. So we were fed... well... Not really. Basta, we ate.

And as I was sitting here writing this email, I received the package.

And we finally contacted the french guy. When he finally answered his door, he came out and he kinna looked like Leon when you ring his doorbell... half naked... in his underwear only. It was really... odd. He's an old french guy from france and we have no clue why he's here. I tried to speak to him in French but I kept throwing in Tagalog in the conversation... Basta, we understood each other. And he said, "Pour moi, il n'y a pas Dieu." That's too bad.

Another day, we had exchanges and we walked into this group of people who were wanting to know what we do as missionaries. There were a few of them that were genuinely interested but there was this one guy who was asking a whole bunch of ridiculous questions. The first statement was how the Bible is a complete and perfect book. So I already knew where this was going. So he first asked this question, since we brought up how everyone needs Christ. He said, "What happens to those people who didn't know about Christ, for example, who lived before Christ, or those who live in the Mountains, who knew nothing about Christ?" I tried to explain to him we can't teach everything to him but he kept insisting that we tell him so I gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. He kept insisting for the answer so I told him you need to understand prophets first before we can tell you... and we can't share you all in one lesson because our message is LOOOONG! 
The answer to his question is that all will be saved because of the plan of salvation. So we started teaching him the restoration. When we reached the apostasy, I raised the fact that there's a lot of churches and we need to know which is true. He asked "How many churches are true?" then I asked him if he meant which church is true. He insisted on how many then I said... "Dapat isa." Then he agreed so he goes on to say "So if one is true, that means everything else is false right?" Obviously I'm not going to agree with that so Elder Ewell said how every church has truth but not the whole truth. But he kept on insisting that all other churches were wrong. We repeated ourselves again but then he used this example of what if someone asked you to buy a kilo of rice and you go and buy 10 kilos. You're wrong but you're still right. Basta, his comparison is ridiculous. Then we reached about Joseph Smith and how he read the Bible. I said that the Bible is the word of God. Then he asks me if I'm sure that it's the word of God so I say "Yes!" Then he goes on to say how the Bible has the words of demons. I agreed with him but told him that those are quotations from the prophets, who are called of God. This guy was really interesting. There's more but that's enough for now haha.

Then back 2 transfers ago, we received a referral from when the missionaries worked in our area for the incoming. We were warned that he's bakla and works in a parlour so it's hard to reach him at this time of the year. As we were walking past his house looking for a less active, we saw this woman that had the build of a man. Elder Wood turns to me and asks me if that's Alvin. I'm sure it was. So we ask someone around there where Alvin is.. and it turns out to be him. So we taught him and he seems genuinely interested. There's going to be a huge hurdle for him getting baptized but if he truly wants to, then he'll accept.

So that's what's interesting here. Other than that, we finally got a new investigator at church, sister Theresa. She's the best friend of Sister Simpliciano. We finally found out why Sister Simpliciano is not looking for her birth certificate, medyo tamad siya. It's in her house! Once she finds it, then it's going to be quick to start the process of marriage!

Next week is Christmas Zone Conference. We finally finished the dance for Itik-itik. It's really funny. We also have Elder Tate acting as a fairy for the play. There will be pictures. Marami. Maraming maraming preparations na gawin. We have to make shirts for the office and for the zone. So we have lots of shirts. It's pretty cool. Anyways, this is Christmas mission life. I'll send pictures next week when I get more!

Love you all!

Elder Morales

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