Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #33 : So I got some really cool news!


That's super cool! That's Elder Soriano by the way. I got to meet him several times! And that Scott is I think Scott Ramos. I've heard about him. That's super funny. While I was reading I was wondering why Scott was going to church there in LaSalle, but then I read that her brother served in Laoag, I knew that it was Elder Soriano. He was actually the past finance elder. Actually, a lot of canadians serve in the office, especially filipino canadians or whatever.

So I got some really cool news. This past week, I met one of President Barrientos counselors, President Rosario. He's from Vigan. I was working in the office and I told him I have family from there. And I told him that their last name is Altares. Then his wife was asking me about this person named Karen. I found out that she is the daughter of aunti Jean. So Karen married into President Rosario's family somehow. Long story. President Rosario also told me that he was branch president in vigan when inang used to attend there. So President Rosario's wife called ate Karen and made me talk to her and I did. It was really cool. Then i referred the sisters in Vigan to go teach her but they were already looking for her. President Rosario told President Barrientos and if i do serve in Vigan, I'll be allowed to go visit them there.

As for the my driver's license, I finally got it! It took a whole transfer and 9 visits to the LTO but I finally have it so now I can drive. So many problems arose when I tried to get my license.

1. Needed a translation because it was in French.
2. My Visa expired on the photocopy so I had to get the update.
3. The update wasn't long enough so we went to Batac.
4. In Batac, the translation wasn't official enough so I had to wait for the head officer for monday.
5. The LTO in batac was closed on monday.
6. The chief officer approved the translation but then, they wouldn't allow me getting a license because the name on my license is missing Jomar because it's on my passport.
7. Went to the LTO in Batac after getting an ACR but it was closed.
8. Tried again but then the something was offline so they can't process licenses.
9. Decided to go to Laoag LTO. Got it!

Whatever.. I can drive now.

So for Halloween, we had bagyo! (rainstorm)

It was pretty loud at night. We were on lockdown so no proselyting. It hit Sta. Ana first and was pretty strong here at night. It was really loud so we couldn't really sleep. The day before, the mitsubishi dealership finally put up it's sign. That night, I swear I heard it fall or something. We checked and it was destroyed!

As for work, we didn't get to teach much. We were out travelling to different places signing contracts for apartments. That takes up a lot of time. We also have to deliver furnishings to the new apartments. We have 29 new missionaries coming so that means we're opening up new areas. And we have one brand brand new area opening, San Juan. It's exciting.

Anyways, for the balikbayan box, it's not necessary to get all these stuff but here's some ideas:

  • Real maple syrup
  • Maple or chocolate fudge (check for maple stuff in front of eaton centre where the guy sells maple stuff. Not sure if he's still there)
  • Mentos (not mint)
  • Candies (Jolly Ranchers, get the ones from dollarama. They have different flavours and are really cheap. Also starburst!)
  • Chocolates, kahit ano.
  • Dried fruits for baking (if that exists, not really necessary)
  • Candy canes?
  • Candy cane hot chocolate.
  • More pictures!
  • Cologne maybe?
  • Pepto-bismol tablets
  • Peanut butter?
  • Poptarts?
  • Cereal?
  • Christmas decorations, just a bit.
  • Elder Pincock said he wants doritos.
Just try to go cheap especially at the dollar store. Best place for candies. Super cheap.

So, I don't need a white long sleeve anymore. President and Sister Barrientos bought us one each. I'm not sure if one each. All he said is that the office elders need to look good. I totally agree with him! And smell good too.

So those are my stories this week. Nothing else. Thanks for the updates! Love you all and take care!

Elder Morales

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