Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #35: We went sand-boarding and ate sand! Lol!

So hmmm... what is interesting this past week. Well maybe let's go backwards in days. So yesterday we had zone activity. Part of it was in preparation for the Christmas Zone Conference. Each zone has to prepare a filipino folk dance. Ours is Itik-itik. So imagine a bunch of missionaries pretending to act like ducks. It's funnier since our zone is mostly foreigners. There's only 6 filipinos I think. And as usual when learning these folk dances, we spent like... half an our doing the entrance walk. The zone leaders planned for a second activity to go to the sand dunes so we didn't get much done in the dance... mainly the entrance walk and one part. (Probably a bad idea since christmas zone conference is in a few weeks).

So then we went to the sand dunes. We did sand boarding and stuff like what we would usually do on snow. I ate sand basically. I went down on the sand board and my board twisted so I landed face first. That was fun hehe.

And in terms of proselyting, we have this one investigator, we finally got him to church! We told him to come look at the job listings at the chapel and then we made him stay for all 3 hours afterwards. He enjoyed it so that's good. We visited him yesterday and found out he has to move! He's still moving withing Laoag except not in our area anymore. The same thing is happening to our other investigator. She has to move too! Both of them have baptismal dates! Oh well. We'll just refer them to the other areas. But what's good is that we have been teaching this family who have been investigating the church for 12 years. They have a baptismal date again. They're super active at church. The bad part is that nanay and tatay are not yet married. But we've been pushing hard for them to get their birth certificates and what not for their wedding. The best part is now, they are doing missionary work. We committed nanay's best friend to baptism. She sat in the lesson yesterday about fasting. She decided to try fasting even though she is a new investigator. It's great! Elder Wood said that he hasn't had a baptism here in Laoag City since he's been here. Hopefully we can change that.

So for today, we wake up to no water pressure. So we had no way of doing laundry or cleaning or showering. So we just took our laundry machine to the mission home and did it outside. We are pretty kuwawa today. It's okay. We got to have a hot shower at the mission home. I haven't had that in 10 months!

Oh by the way, what do you use to make your sabaw thick? Halimbawa, how can I make my sabaw thicker? Like for menudo or whatever? I've been cooking a whole bunch of random stuff. Masarap pa rin.

For the box, just send me whatever. I need pepto-bismol tablets though. Cologne is good too. I don't know if it'd be cheaper here. But yeah, Christmas decorations I would like before christmas but if you can't that's fine. Basta, anything in the package is good.

Anyways, tek ker! Lub u all!

Elder Morales

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