Monday, October 28, 2013

Week #32 Welcome to the Office!

Hello family ko,

So this past week, hmm... we worked alot in the office. Even this week too. We're pretty much preparing for transfer week. We only got two lessons last week. We're suppose to have 32. Welcome to the office! Hehe. It's fine. I'm completely aware of what was going to happen to our work once we're in here. I get to serve in a different way though. Help other missionaries fulfill their purpose. So technically, we're helping other missionaries baptize. Totally indirectly!

So thanks for all the interesting news from back home. I was totally shocked when you told me President Jarvis is going to be released. Oh and tell Esa happy birthday for me!

So let's see if I could put some stories behind these pictures. So the one with the boxes and the cellphone is because we had special guests coming so we had to clean and I just received a big order of supplies that day. So that was fun. I also took pictures of the office.

 Being an office elder, especially supplies, everyone asks me if they have a package. One sister kept asking me every time so I told her I'll text her once she gets her package. And so it came. She sees it and it's not the one from her family. As soon as she left, her package came from her family! Terrible timing! But she came back and gave us chocolate and left a mess on the floor of the office. 

Then last night, we we're redoing our transfer board by making the names smaller so it could all fit. So there's pictures of us working. Especially with the lamination machine! That was fun!

I still can't get my driver's license. Hopefully today is the day. It's either with the translation or the visa is about to expire so we need an update. All we did last week is look at apartments, deliver furnishings, sign for apartments. That's basically what Elder Wood does. That's finance. That's what I'll be doing later on.

So we ran out of rice and water the past few days but we survived! We ended up cooking a lot of pasta. I basically experimented a lot with the sauces and they were delicious. We're also experimenting with no-bake cookies. They're so good. We just keep making random foods here since we can. Oh yeah, we also cooked kare-kare. It lasted mean and Elder Bulseco 4 meals. Try putting puso ng saging (banana heart?). It tastes really good with that.

Next week is going to be fun. It's transfer week. We'll be fed. We'll be sleeping late. We'll be waking up early. But the food makes up for it. It's almost like condolence meal. It's all good.

So that's the news. Can't think of anything else right now. Agannadkayon! Love you all!

Elder Morales

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