Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #31 - A Hair Fight , The DOG and The STINKY Fruit!!!


Naimbag a malem dagiti dakdakkelko! Diak ammo ti ilocano gapu ta narigat a maisuruan. So here's two nice pictures that I took last week. So we got a massive order of supplies and then we found out that Elder and Sister French were coming so President told us to clean. Especially the supplies room. I got it clean though.

So we had several meetings with President this week. We really work closely with President. But we get fed after the meetings. So we went to McDonald's the first time and then went driving around Laoag to deliver stuff for missionaries with President, Sister and the APs. That was fun. Then we went to San Nicolas to pick up durian from one of the sisters' apartment. It's President's favourite.... fruit? It stinks like poop! Well more like really rotten onions but it tastes like... I don't know. It's alright. Then we sere supposed to work on thursday but then we had surprise errands to do at night. We had to pick up chairs and foams. Then President and Sister took us out to dinner to a place called Papa Pau's. It was super delicious. Well everything is. Then yesterday night we had another meeting and ate at the mission home.

Then President asked us after the meeting if we wanted to see a hair fight. So he asked us to get a black hair and a blonde hair strand and he ran to the kitchen and put water in a dish then put the two hairs in it. So we watched closely and then President slammed his hand on the dish! And we were soaking wet! Especially Elder Oden! It's always fun with President.

One day, me and Elder Wood were proselyting in this really nice place called Northcrest division. Then we we're walking down this path and this dog seemed really angry and starting jogging down this long stretch of path. The dog wasn't even running fast but more like slowly running. We then started walking backwards getting ready to hit the dog with our bags. It was pretty weird. We also been committing baptismal dates here as much as we can. We have these eternal investigators and they have a baptismal date but the problem is that nanay wants to take care of the wedding all by herself. We finally helped her realized that she should be focused on temple marriage and getting married for her family than having this grand wedding. The ward is also willing to help them. So hopefully we get them baptized after 11 years!

So this upcoming week, I'll probably have like a million pictures because we're travelling down to Vigan again and then we're going up north to Lal-lo. We have around 30 missionaries coming in this transfer and we have nowhere to put them so all missionaries are apartment hunting. We're seriously in an exciting time being a missionary. I've got to experience the hastening of the work since the MTC. My batch was the first to experience the 6-week program at the MTC. We also had the age lowering at that time. And we have the hastening of the work here in the mission.

Anyways, take care all of you! Love you all

Elder Morales

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