Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week #30 : Why aren't you updating my Blogs Mom???!!!

Hello family!

So everyone is saying update my blog. Because they want to know what is going on in my life.

Wondering why MOM isn't updating my BLOGS??!!! 

Anyways, we finally watched General Conference last weekend. It was great. Seems like the general theme was repentance. Also they kept saying how sin, even if man legalizes it, is still sin. Mainly repentance is our biggest focus here now as we teach. We had been taught that last zone conference. Also, in the office, we had a meeting with President and we are focused on helping leaders and families work with the missionaries. Since there's a hastening of the work, members are meant to shine with the missionaries. President Barrientos said that missionary work must start at the home.

Hmmm.. anyways, after the meeting, we went out to McDonald's. All of us. The APs, President and Sister Barrientos and all us office elders. It was pretty fun just to hang out with them. Then we drove around to different areas for deliveries. Then President made us eat durian. He says it smells like hell but tastes like heaven. And yeah.. it smells pretty bad! It does taste good though.

So last tuesday, we went to go get haircuts. We went to David's Salon. It's filled with baklas.(gays) So I got shampooing from a bakla. It's weird. After that, as I'm sitting on the chair, I get a back massage from a bakla. (Note that President referred us to this place cause that's where he goes). I look at Elder Wood and he's getting a massage so it's fine. But a bakla was giving a massage... it was weird. Then they gave me a picture book to pick a haircut. It was alright but as you get closer to the back of the picture book, it gets pretty gay. Almost naked men. So I asked for the Piolo Pascual haircut cause it was good enough. So now I have a Piolo Pascual haircut.

Anyways, I've went to Vigan several times already and keep hearing news. I actually met the fellowshipper for auntie Jean. They were in the mission office last week because their daughter was waiting to be sent to the airport to go serve. The Serapion family is there name. Brother Serapion told me that auntie Jean has a baptismal date alongside with kuya Julius. I'm still not sure who he is. Pray hard for them. Hopefully the rest of our family here will be open to the message. Ate Ria won't do much because her kuan... ummm her husband or boyfriend.. is never there.. so I need to find out his name and where he is so work can get started by the missionaries wherever he is. When they get baptized, I have permission to go baptize them. That'd be so cool. Anyways, wala nang balita dito. It's basically just office office office. We are considering turning our lives in the office into a tv show and calling it "The Office." Funny things just happen here. It's fun because we get to work closely with President. We're basically other APs but don't do as much as APs do.

Anyways, take care all of you!!

Elder Morales

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