Monday, July 1, 2013

Week #17: I have BIG NEWS!!!

Hello family!
So I have big news to tell you. I'm in Laoag again and I'm training again! That's two trainees for me already. And I've been transferred to Bangui in Ilocos Norte. The past elders there were pulled out so we're starting fresh. That's twice for me. Santa Ana was the same. We had no idea where to go or what to do. Now I gotta do it all over again in Bangui. Apparently it's really nice there. That's where the wind farm is (wind energy farm). We passed by it on the way to Laoag. Apparently it's mayaman but they only have a meeting house there. It's kind of sad leaving Santa Ana. We had 7 baptisms coming up. That's for Elder Bulseco to work out. Oh by the way, he's training too.
So this past week, we kept on inviting people to baptism and they just keep accepting. But they're not just any random person we found, they are investigators who are actually interested. Some people just take some work but it moves along at their own pace. Now I get to work in Bangui. Meeting house again. No chapel. More work. Smaller area at least. For now, enjoy my time at Laoag.
So this past week, we actually cooked kare-kare. It took 3 hours to get the meat tender but we managed. It takes up so much peanut butter! But it was sooo good. We brought it to a member's house and their son tried it (first time) and he said "parang walang lasa". Obviously you need bagoong with that. That we made lumpia. They had the lumpia stuff already made at one of the stores.
So on thursday, at our district meeting, Elder Cahigao asked us previously to do a puppet show. It was so weird. It's because Elder Cahigao is going home and he wanted to enjoy his last meeting. Then on saturday, as we we're sitting in companionship study, president barrientos called us. We were aware it was transfer day coming up but we thought we were stuck in Santa Ana for another transfer. The training is supposed to be 12 weeks long. It only has been 6 weeks. So I answer, and president asks if I'm doing good and obviously I said yes. So he says, "Since you're doing good, we're going to transfer you to Bangui and you'll be training." Then he said, "How's Elder Bulseco?" He's good I said and then President said, "Since he's good too, he's going to be training too because you trained him so well." Hay naku! At least I'm closer to Laoag now. Santa Ana is so far.
Anyways I hope you're all good! Take care and love you all!
Elder Morales

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