Monday, July 15, 2013

Week #19: Bangui Windmills at the beach and other exciting news......Uncle Willy.


So today, we went to the Bangui windmills. Nothing special. But the pictures are very nice. The beach there is nice too.

So this week, we finally got all our furniture in the new apartment! Finally! And before that, we had a surprise visit from president Barrientos. Just checking the new apartment. It's nice that we're closer to Laoag now. We do our withdrawal there now so we're looking forward to that.

Anyways, the work here is so interesting. We have this one old lady fellowshipper, Grandma De Guzman. She keeps taking us to her family members to be taught. Sometimes when we do finding, it ends up being her family member again. Elder Gamboa says she may be the first person in Bangui. She's so awesome! She feeds us all the time. We're even getting several baptismal dates because of her. All the people we teach are old people. We're gonna start looking for youth and YSA. The branch is lacking on that and we feel that some of the people are inactive because they don't have people their age. So we're planning to do a YSA activity or something for the youth or that general age.

Last saturday, we had a branch family home evening. It was actually really nice. The turnout was pretty good and we all had fun and food!

By the way, I got exciting news and I just forgot to tell you last week. As I was in Laoag for picking up new missionaries, I was talking to the sisters in Vigan. They are teaching Uncle Willy and he wants to be baptized. They also showed me a picture of him so that was pretty nice. I told president Barrientos about Uncle wanting to be baptized so he said that when his baptismal date arrives, I can go to Vigan and baptize him myself. I'll probably do it in the dagat(beach) so it would be much nicer experience. So I wrote uncle a letter to encourage him. Hopefully he goes through with it.

Anyways, hopefully you're all doing fine. I'm just trying to survive the rain here. It's nice here though. Lots of trees here. Anyways, love you all!

Elder Morales

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