Monday, June 24, 2013

Week #16: Was creeped out with this woman who was possessed!


Don't worry about the floods here. It's actually really nothing up in Laoag mission. The typhoon starts down south of Philippines and is really strong in the Naga mission. The typhoon dies around Laoag mission. It's just really cloudy. It's actually nice right now. I could sleep easier at night because it's cooler. Walking isn't that bad because its cooler.

Anyways, we had zone conference this past tuesday with Elder Teh of the Seventy. It was really good. He was telling us how sometimes missionaries, after zone conference have that spiritual boost then afterwards it tends to disappear. So he was giving us ideas how to keep ourselves boosted. I've been going crazy in Santa Ana. Stuck here for 6 months. Maybe its cause I haven't had baptisms in awhile. We are aiming for around 5 or 6 in July. It's a lot of hard work. Sometimes we have to travel to a barangay that's slightly far to make sure our investigator comes to church.

So let's see, anything interesting this past week. Not really. We actually had exchanges this past week with the zone leaders. I worked here in Santa Ana and we did finding the whole day. We ran into this blind man and there was this lady there that wasn't the same after she went to some asian country daw. Elder Knowles was so creeped out he thought she was possessed. So we left right away because Elder Knowles kept telling me let's go. As we did finding this week, we ran into some Jehova's witnesses and Iglesia ni Cristo. It can get really interesting sometimes. They keep giving us books to read. I just like looking at the pictures. They gave Elder Bulseco a bible stories book kind of like those ones we have for children.

I've been in Santa Ana so long now it's almost like home for me. If only you could see this place. It's such a tourist spot. Casinos. Beach Resorts. Lots of beaches with white sand. We actually walked on the beach this week looking for our investigator. Found out she was sleeping instead. One of the members told us that sometimes he actually sleeps on the beach because it's so much more nice out there than inside his home. Probably after my mission I'll come back here just to do all those things I can't do now. You all better start saving hehe.

That lesson with the Jehova's Witness, they spoke mostly ilocano. We had no clue what they were saying at times. I had to put 2 and 2 together at times and finally figured out what they were saying. My Ilocano is somewhat nothing. I could make really basic sentences. Ngem mahirap pa. At least when I get back home, I could talk it with my cousins. Hopefully you still remember mom. Anyways, I love you all and agannad!

Elder Morales
Happy to have a new comp who likes to cook :)

Always ready to play with the kids

so glad for homes with fans during lessons

hello Canada!

I'm cool :)

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