Monday, July 29, 2013

Week #21 -We got Chased by a DOG!!!

Hello mom,

So today we walked to the waterfalls. I tried to drink the water from there but it's too hard to get to.

We climbed the mountain and walked on rocks. It was an adventure. It was such a long walk. I got blisters on my feet because of my tsinelas. Then as we were walking back, we all got chased by a dog.

We also had a Community Service Project on saturday and President Nicolas climbed a coconut tree and avocado tree. He's around 60 years old and he's still able to do that. He was in the army so that's probably why.

So we drank that fresh coconut water and ate that coconut meat. Masarap naman. Then I ate some pias from the tree. Sobrang maasim. I tried santol also. So many different fruits here. There's no mango. It's out of season. Sayang! Oh well.

Anyways, I got update back from Vigan. Uncle Willy is not progressing but auntie Wilma is. And they told me that my cousin ria quinto is progressing too. Ria took the missionaries to meet auntie Jean too. Arquelada right? Another cousin listened too. His name is Julius. I'm not too sure who they are. The sister missionaries there told me to write auntie a letter so I did. Just to encourage them with my testimony. Hopefully I will get more news from them. I told them to update me if they accept a baptismal date.

The work here is progressing, we have 5 baptisms on August 24. And they all came to church! Hopefully they continue. We have 3 more planned for August 31. We're super busy! All of September is just finding and finding. We have this whole other municipality in our area. So our area of Bangui B is huge. The people who live in Burgos attend Bangui. There's still no meeting house in Burgos. Work is going to be interesting.

Next week, we're going to purok purawan and to the biggest lighthouse in Philippines. There's a lot of tourist spots in this mission I find. It's nice. We're always busy on P-day. We're also going back to Laoag next monday.  So we plan on getting some McDonald's. I have to buy some rubber shoes because this area rains a lot. My socks and leather shoes get soaked. It rains pretty hard. Apparently it's baguio season. It's really nothing here. It doesn't flood. So we're pretty safe.

Anyways, I hope you are all doing good! Take care at mahal ko kayo!

Elder Morales

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