Monday, July 22, 2013

Week #20: 5th Bday Parties and we're getting stuffed!

Hello mom,  
Yeah, for uncle willy, he didn't really know I was here. I think knowing that I am here allowed him to open up to the missionaries. Previously, the elders were teaching kuya wonderboy. Hopefully uncle will accept on his own. At least the missionaries here are very masipag in the work. Vigan is a sisters' area so I'm pretty sure they're going to do good work in getting them converted. I'll refer auntie Jean and my cousins too. They could probably baptize the whole barangay and I'll just have to keep going to Vigan to baptize them.

So this past week, we had a baptism. Bea Francisco. She is 8 years old and she's pretty smart. I was surprised how much she remembered after we taught her. It's pretty nice. We've been inviting a whole bunch of people to baptism this past week and they all accepted. Our goal is to get 10 baptisms total before I leave Bangui at the end of September. Apparently Laoag is the highest baptizing mission in the Philippines. This is probably since President Barrientos is really focusing on getting baptisms. We are planning to achieve 1000 baptisms total by the end of 2013. Just keep praying for them. Uncle Willy recognizes that he has family members who are member. He even recognizes that inang is a member. I'll follow up with the AP's to know what's going on. He can't get baptized anyways if he doesn't go to church.

Hmm, anything interesting happened this past week? We had President Barrientos surprise visit us again. It's nice. As he was leaving, he said to Elder Gamboa, "Mataba ka!" Oh yes, in our apartment, we have Elder Wright and Elder Gamboa. Elder Gamboa is fluent in Ilocano. Taga Tarlac siya. So I can pick up some Ilocano from him. I just practice speaking Ilocano with the children. Basic phrases laeng.

Today, we also had a zone activity. We went to the Bangui windmills again. We played capture the flag and we played some random game. We play a lot of random games as missionaries. We then went to eat at some random calindera. I ate a lot of gabi stems and now my throat is itchy. Pero masarap pa rin.

In terms of teaching, we found a lot of drunk people here. They were telling us weird stories. Elder Clark was talking to one and he was saying how he loves reading the Book of Mormon. He's a devoted catholic and sometimes he says how after church, he'd read the BoM. Also, after reading the Bible, he'd read the BoM to learn more. He was also telling Elder Clark that after he reads, he feels so good inside. He straightened up his back as he told Elder Clark, like macho man kind of. And said he felt nice, then Elder Clark said , "Happy?", then he goes, yes happy. We are wondering why he's not even a member. Weird sometimes.

This past week, we had 5 birthday parties. So we ate way too much. Actually, we eat a lot everyday. 

Elder Gamboa is a good cook. We eat malungay at saluyot at random grass almost everyday. I prefer vegetables over meat. It's super healthy. Ang mga tao dito ay sobrang healthy dahil ng mga gulay. I have nice skin because I eat vegetables. I've been eating nice fruits too. Dragon fruit at rambutan at santol. Sobrang maasim ang santol ngem naimas meten.

So that's the news this week. Mahal na mahal ko kayo ken agannadkayo!

Elder Morales

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