Monday, June 10, 2013

Week #14: It is extremely HOT!


Mom you forgot to send me the recipe for kare kare. Anyways, yesterday we had district conference (small stake conference). So friday night I received a text from a member saying: Kayo ang pianist daw. So someone volunteered me to play piano for district conference. We had the new area seventy speak to us there. Elder Tobias. He just spoke english the whole time practically.

We also had President Barrientos there too. He said to the congregation that Sta Ana will have 4 missionaries soon! And we might also get bikes! It's so exciting to have news like that.

we walk everywhere so we're excited to get bikes if ever
Last week, we also got to work with the APs. It's nice to have visitors in Santa Ana. We split up to cover more lessons in one day. We were able to contact this one family and brother Josay is very interested. We plan to get him baptized with his family. We also received news last night from one of our investigators sister that sister Rodalyne wants to be baptized. We also invited many others to be baptized. Big work coming ahead in the next few months.

Anyways, the weather here is extremely hot! It hasn't rained in forever. Apparently the rainy season is supposed to start this month but I wonder when. We're supposed to go back to Aparri next week. We have zone conference with Elder Teh from the seventy. That's going to be exciting. I'm still waiting for my tailored pants from there. I ordered 4. They're really nice. Hopefully I don't get transferred before they're ready. That would totally be unfortunate. I'll probably just make someone pick it up for me.

So I sent all the photos. I found a way to compress the file size on the computer here. Hopefully it still looks good. There's a lot of random pictures. That's what happens when I give my camera to youth. At least I'm getting some pictures.

So Elder Bulseco is from Bicol. He's nice. He's actually older than me. Elder Polgo got transferred to Abulug. I'll see him again at Zone Conference. And yes I got his contact information. He says if I ever need a haircut, go to his place.

So yeah, when I get back, it would be nice to tour Boston, especially where MIT is. But it would also be nice to come back to Philippines and tour my mission. Anyways, mahal ko kayo!!! Ingat kayo rin!

Elder Morales
give me back my camera!

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