Monday, June 3, 2013

Week #13: STILL Pretty sick... and I ate snail straight from the shell.

Hello family,

So I'm feeling better this week. I just have one really annoying cough that won't  go away. It keeps me awake at night. It sucks. At least the fever is gone. We basically stayed in all day monday and tuesday. Wednesday I worked all day then I was really going to pass out by the end of the day. Thursday was okay. Friday too. We're usually in the apartment most of the day. Friday was pretty fun though. I ate snail straight from the shell. Pretty tasty. I also walked out of the apartment without my tag because I was still pretty sick and couldn't think properly. A member realized I didn't have it on so I returned to the apartment to get it. So that's what's up.

Anyways, the work here is picking up again. We are getting more investigators through the members. They refer to us more and more people. The work is going to be slowing down to because school is starting this week. So no one will really be home. We changed up our schedule and we have a lot of finding to do. Almost every day we have finding to do. It's really hard at times especially that everyone is in the bukid.

Last sunday, one of the less active members brought her brother to church so we started teaching him after church services. We extended him a baptismal date but it's on a sunday because that's his only availability.

Oh by the way, I finally received all the packages. And yes, the money arrived safely too. The dictionary is really good too, it has grammar stuff for Ilocano as well.

Mom, can you please send me a recipe for kare-kare? We're actually going to try to make that. We made pinapaitan in our apartment but with pork. We used the mama sita package so it's like cheating. We had real pinapaitan with liver, trype, intestine and apdo at the Ruaburo house. That was... interesting for the intestine but still tasted good.

Anyways, apparently we're suppose to become 4 missionaries here in Sta Ana because our area is super big. So we we're checking out this house for rent and it literally is a house! Bigger than ours back home! It could fit around 6-8 missionaries so it's probably way too big and way too expensive. I also don't feel like cleaning up such a big place too. It was pretty dusty when we checked it out.

Anyways, please tell me some good news from back home! Take care everyone and mahal ko kayo!

Elder Morales

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