Monday, June 17, 2013

Week #15: Ate big crabs and get eaten alive by mosquitos!


So all the pictures this week is to give you an idea of what I've ate this week. Monday, giant crabs.

Someday, fried hot dogs.

Show that to Alex. Yesterday, sinigang sabow kasi walang kanin sa amin (no rice at home). We ran out... Anyways, tell Alex if he wants his hot dogs spicier, he needs to fry the hot peppers first. We actually make our own sili powder here. It's extremely spicy but extremely good! I'm probably going to make a whole bunch of that sili powder before I come home and take it with me. Just fry, dry and blend.

Anyways, this week we got zone conference tomorrow with one of the seventy, Elder Teh. That's going to be interesting. As for the work here in Santa Ana. It's progressing. We found one family and brother Jusay is extremely interested. He accepts that Joseph Smith is a prophet and understands that God directed him to restore His church. Baptism is next step. We finally had two of our investigators come to church (They are from the Castro family). Next step, baptism. We found out that sister Rodalyne Castro wants to serve a mission. For next month, we are supposed to have at least 4 baptisms. So we have to work hard.

This week, we had to search for an apartment to fit 2 or 4 missionaries. We found out that the next door apartment from ours is being rented out for storage. If we can't find an apartment, we're going to remain as 2 missionaries here in Santa Ana. It's so big! Sometimes we have to go from end to end on saturdays because almost everyone is available that day. We're probably going to go apartment hunting again today. Some apartments are creepy looking or too small.

Anyways, Santa Ana is good. The rainy season hasn't started yet so it's still hot here! Especially at night. I have to spray bug spray on my legs every night cause I wake up eaten alive by mosquitoes. It's better than Elder Castillo though who got kissed by a cockroach on the lips and on the eye. He showed me pictures and his lip and eye were huge! Sometimes I can't wait to be transferred from Santa Ana because I'll probably be here for 1/4 of my mission! But I love it here because the members are so nice. I've heard some areas are tougher. Hopefully one day I get to go work in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Cagayan is all bukid.

Anyways, I hope to hear from you all soon. Email me saturday or sunday morning because I'm always emailing here at 10 am monday, so thats 10 pm sunday. Anyways, love you all and take care

Elder Morales

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