Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week #12: We didn't receive a LETTER from Chris and We Panicked!!!

and a day a later....

Hello family!

So I wasn't able to write yesterday. I got a bad fever. I still have it today but not as bad. I couldn't work at all. 

I'm here Mommy don't worry!
I was taking this medication that made me sweat and sweat. It was disgusting. I have no idea how I got a fever anyways... So yes, I spent my last week in Laoag to pick up my new companion fresh from the MTC. Elder Bulseco. Filipino. Half Ilocano from Bicol. It's as if my wish was granted except... he can't speak Ilocano yet. His family is actually from Cagayan, part of our zone. Lucky talaga. So I sent missionaries to Uncle Willy. It's a sisters area where he lives. I was talking to a missionary assigned there with Elder Erickson and he told me they actually met him. That's so cool. Except he wasn't really receptive. I took a picture with the sister missionaries so they can show him I'm in the Philippines.

Dad? Where was mama and papa born in the Philippines? I'm curious to know. So Laoag was pretty fun. It was like being on vacation. It was weird to actually be working with Elder del Rosario for a 2 days. It's so hard working there. It's super hot and there's no wind to cool us down like here in Santa Ana. So on wednesday when we had our trainer's training, me and Elder del Rosario decided to ride a calesa there. It was pretty funny and fun. We got to meet up with all our MTC batch. We also got to have lunch at Robinson's, a huge mall! Then afterwards, we had pizza at the mission home. Then, we went to Robinson's again to eat there! I thought the pizza was for dinner! I was so full when we got there so I just get shoving down the food.

So our first few days, we got new investigators already. All referrals. It's nice when things just happen like that. Hopefully we get them all baptized. We have to reach that goal of 1000 souls before the end of the year. Time flies so fast here especially when we're super organized. Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. I need to head back to the apartment to get some more rest. Love you all. Take care!

Elder Morales

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