Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week #49: "I think we'll stop there because you must be FBI... how old are you?"

Kumusta kayon??

So yesterday, we had our interviews with President Barrientos. That's why I didn't email yesterday. And again, my interview was not long at all. About 5 to 10 minutes. Leaning more towards the 5 minute mark. He just stared at a paper and told me how the office elders put the totals wrong for the key indicators. Then on top of that, he told me I'll be transferred. There goes the surprise again. But this time he didn't tell me where or what I'll be doing.

So last week, ate's husband did pass away and it was from a motorcycle accident due to drunk driving. Well that's what I understood. Motorcycle accidents are extremely common here. We went to where the casket is last week and auntie Jean asked me to say a prayer. So I did. Odd enough, I lost my voice the day before so it was kind of embarrassing trying to pray.

We also attended the San Pedro barangay festival, just to eat. There was so much food. We helped the day before with preparing the vegetables, so we did some service. It's nice to finally see some more cousins here. I met ate Nympha and ate Lisa. Ate Lisa laughed because we finally meet... in the Philippines, instead of back home in Canada! For these next two weeks, I'm going to try to visit the family as much as possible to get them to go to church and to commit them to listen to the missionaries so that they have people to teach. I had a feeling I was going to be transferred hehe. I'll be able to come back if any of them do get baptized.

So when it comes to missionary work this past week, we had exchanges. I went to Cabugao and worked with Elder Benally. We taught this guy who we met on the street while we were looking for a referral. We sat down and he kept asking Elder Benally where he was from. Elder Benally repeated himself about 3 times and he asked again and I was about to laugh. The guy was like 1/4 drunk. But Elder Benally said he's a little crazy even when not drunk. He was asking good questions though and then he noticed how Elder Benally is good in Tagalog so he thought Elder Benally was FBI. He goes "I think we'll stop there because you must be FBI... how old are you?" Then Elder Benally tells him he's 20. So he says, "Oh okay, then you can't be FBI." What a weird old man. Then in our area of Vigan 2B.

We contacted this potential investigator and we taught him. We asked if he's looking for the truth and he said yes. We asked him if we could continue and he said no because it's bawal (forbidden). We then asked why it's bawal and he said he doesn't know... then tells us cause his pastor says it's bawal. Whatever.. so we asked him if he would pray about our message and he just flat out says no. What a waste of time haha. Didn't even try to find the truth.

One day, we had this fellowshipper and we wanted to take him to certain people but we asked him who the members are around him. He took us to this one lady and we were hoping to be there for 15-30 minutes. She ended up being super madaldal! Then we finally finished and went to the next appointment... another madaldal!! But we figured out how to help brother Arthur. He wants to come to church but the problem is he doesn't have clothes ready. Tomorrow, we plan on telling him to clean his clothes and just wear his tsinelas to church. We have someone to pick him up. That will work. He's been investigating forever but he knows everything is true.

Right now, there's some random girls who walked into the computer shop and are playing guitar and singing. It'd be nice if they were good.

Actually, in front of our apartment, they blast music from across at the shop. It's always Bon Jovi, Scorpions, random filipino songs. All those classics. Kind of like those songs that uncle Lito loves to sing. It always starts playing when we start studying. Super big distraction.

And now they those girls asked us for donations but we just told them no, we're missionaries.

Anyways, thanks dad for the hockey updates about the winter olympics. Sometimes it's playing on peoples' television.

Okay, anyways, wala na akong balita ngayon. Kaya nga, next time na lang! Paki-sabi nyo nga sa mga friends ko na sana po mag-eemail sila sa akin haha. Ayos naman kung hindi. Siguro, tell uncle Lito na mag-email sa akin din hehe. Anyways, ay-ayatenkayon!

Elder Morales

PS Pasensiya, wala pang pictures hehe. I forgot to take of the barangay festival. 2016 na lang. Here's pictures from the week before,,,

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