Monday, February 10, 2014

Week #47: Happy Birthday Dad and Free stuff this week!

Happy Birthday Dad!
So this saturday is a big day for the Vigan District. We have 10 baptisms total here. 5 from our area. 2 from the sisters in 1C. and 3 from the sisters in 1A. We are going to have a combined baptism with branch 1 and branch 2. So it's going to be busy day. It was busier last saturday because of the interviews. Sunday also. I had to interview of them on saturday and it was super matagal. Ganoon din sa sunday. We didn't have time to eat lunch because the zone leaders came directly from Cabugao to do the interviews. I actually have to do another interview on saturday. So many baptisms now in Vigan. We barely had any last transfer.

Anyways, concerning our family here. They're good. I sent the sisters to go visis Vanessa and her husband. The new missionary extended them a baptismal date on the first visit. So mediyo magulat sila haha. But that's fine. I will be going there myself on friday to go visit them. I'll probably ask auntie to come with us there too.

Anyways, what interesting things happened this week... Oh last monday, we walked into some random museum. FREE!!! It's the Crisologo museum. Not really sure who that guy is but the main point is.. ITS FREE!!!

We also went to go eat some shakey's today to celebrate Elder Hunsaker's birthday... which was last week.4

We also went to go visit the Bantay bell tower. It was... weird being there. We went inside the bell tower and it's pretty odd in there. It's on some catholic church grounds. and again.. IT'S FREE.. except for a small donation of like 5 pesos. Some creepy kid kept trying to force us to donate. Then when we came back to the main gate, some lady asked us to donate... so we donated 5 pesos each. Forced donation... ano ba yan? Whatever haha. In the next few weeks, we're going to look for some more free museums.

On tuesday, I got to go to Laoag. I travelled up there with Elder Erickson. Got to catch up with some of my batch at the MTC. We were basically trained on how we should conduct district meetings and how interviews should be. They said how all our meetings should be really focused on helping the missionaries get baptisms instead of just improving skills. He compared it to a sports game where the goal is to score but to score we need game plans. Sometimes we're so magaling in the game plans that we forget to shoot. So that was the training. Then we went back to the mission home and played basketball there. I played in tsinelas. It's super hard! Then we had cake and stuff. Then slept in the mission office. So it was a good day.

So those kids in the pictures are ate Cristian's kids (Uno and Ace) and kuya Jeff's kid (Ashley). They're auntie Jean's mga apo. I have videos at their house but I don't know if it's going to fit inside the email hehe.

Anyways, that's the news for the week here in Vigan. Love you all!

Elder Morales

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