Monday, March 3, 2014

Week #50: It's now getting really hot!!! The summer season has started.

Kumusta kayong lahat!

Well this is probably my last week in Vigan. It's been fun working here in Vigan but it's really expensive. It's now getting really hot!!! The summer season has started. So for today's p-day, we spent the morning at the libing ng asawa ni ate Auring. We got permission from President Barrientos to be able to attend. So we sat in the Vigan cathedral for an hour or so.

It's pretty weird, especially wearing proselyting clothes and a name tag. We also went to the burial. We got to march with them. It's an experience. Then we ate back at San Pedro. Then we went to go check out the baybay malapit sa kanila. Every monday we try to go find some sort of tourist spot so that we can enjoy our time in the Philippines.

So this past week, we actually had a branch activity. It was pretty fun. It was called "Missionary Work, Retention and Reactivation" or... branch FHE. It was a success. There were plenty of investigators there and we had less-actives there too. Our favourite investigator, Arthur Acena, came. He's 64 years old. He also played the games at the activity. Unfortunately we didn't see him at church. It's most probably because he's embarrassed of his broken shoe. I'll take a picture with him one day.

I'm not really sure what happened this week...

Oh! We also decided to look for this random former investigator. Elder Erickson told me about this one house they found and how he lived in a mansion. He was really interested but then told the missionaries to not come back because his mother (who is super old) would get mad at them because she's super catholic. We went to go check it out, to also go see if the mother is still alive so we could start teaching him... unfortunately we met the mother and she looks pretty healthy for a really old lady. And the guy is REALLY rich. There's a picture of his mansion.

The first day we tried finding his house was really hard. There's two paths to bongtolan, left and right. The first day we went through the right path and ended up in some random place in the bukid. Apparently it was still Camangaan. So the next day we found signs of life of Bongtolan on the left path. As we were walking, a family just saying "hi elders." We stopped and started to talk to them. They ended up being less-actives. Tatay angel agcaoili is 80 something years old. We taught him some other day and he's losing his mind kind of. He doesn't remember our church. He's mixing it up with catholic and mormon and calling it baptist or born again. And he's really madaldal. So we decided to cut the lesson quick or else he'd talk forever about anything. I guess he just wants someone to talk to cause he's so old.

Oh, this week we also had the chance to teach Vanessa and her husband. It's pretty awkward sometimes teaching some of the family because they're really really shy. Auntie Jean and Julius are fine. They're not shy at all. My kuyas here are actually shy. It's funny sometimes. I found out all the names of my cousins here. I asked auntie Jean to give me the names of them all.

There's actually not that much news this past week. I can't think of anything. I'll probably have some news next week since I'll know where I'll be going. Transfers are really exciting. Sometimes really scary since a lot of missionaries DON'T want to go to Cagayan. I don't know why that is. I guess it's because it's so far away. It's a real adventure when you're there. Sta. Ana was a nice part of Cagayan though. It'll be fun. It doesn't matter where I'll go.

Anyways, that's the news so far! Kapayapaan sa labas! HAHA bad translation. Love you all!

Elder Morales

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