Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week #8: More Baptism and got to eat a shark!!! (but no pix)

Hello everyone!
So this week we had a baptism of Sister Sharon Natabio. She was found from a part member family. That's where our success is coming from. All our baptisms were from finding through investigators. We have 4 more baptisms coming hopefully. Anyways, I wrote an email before but it didn't send. I'll send the pictures next week.
So this week I got to try shark. It tasted like crab meat. We ate fish pretty much every day this week and we don't usually eat it with a fork and spoon. It's all with kamay-kamay. It's so much easier. So anyways, this week I locked us out of our apartment twice by leaving the key inside. I had to climb again to the second floor and it's quite difficult. Hopefully I learned my lesson this time.
Anyways, my Tagalog is getting better pero mahirap pa na makaintindi pero puwede magsalita pero ang vocabulary ay minsan mali. At least the members correct me if I make a mistake. I just got to make sure I'm able to understand Tagalog by the time Elder Polgo leaves because I'll most likely be training. I'll be lucky if he's a filipino but President Barrientos said most likely American.

Anyways, if you ever send me a Balikbayan box, can you put cookies, chocolates and contact lens cleaner? That's all I really need. Anyways, take care everyone! Love you all,
Elder Morales

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