Monday, April 1, 2013

Week #4: Easter Week (pix of apartment)

Hello all!

So Easter here is just holy week I think. Not much interesting really.
more monkey pix

We have two baptism this week. And we committed more people to be baptized. It seriously is a chain. So what happened this week. We lost electricity one night so we had to sleep in the heat!
t was so hard... Every wednesday, we have lunch and dinner appointment so we never have to cook that day. Oh by the way, can you have papa send me his recipe for Bicol Express. I wanna try and make it.

So one day, we thought we lost our cellphone. So the sister we were teaching prayed that we can have our cellphone back so we can text people to remind them of their assignments. That night, we heard the phone in Elder Polgo's bag! Then yesterday, we actually lost the cellphone for good... Also, we found these investigators yesterday. The boy looked exactly like Alex and one of the girls looked like Kristen. It was like seeing my family here in the Philippines.

So part of our mission is going to be given to Baguio Mission. So our mission is shrinking. But we're keeping our missionaries. We're going to be doubling up in every area. So I've been giving my camera to random people and they've been taking pictures but I don't really have pictures for this week.
I took some of the apartment.

Show the bathroom to Alex and Jordan. Walang* (no) toilet seat.  
We're using a window curtain as a shower curtain so that everything doesn't get wet in there. Fortunately, we have a shower head but its pretty weak. It's great taking a shower at night cause its so hot but in the morning its not as fun.

We've been eating menudo, corn beef and pancit canton almost everyday. We don't even care. There's this store in Aparri that make custom made pants. They make them from scratch so they measure everything. They're really nice so I'm ordering a few today.

So I don't get to see anyone from my district back at the MTC other than Elder Castillo since he's in my zone. We're still struggling in Tagalog. I'm picking up Ilocano still. Tagalog is getting better though except I can't really hold a regular conversation since I have to ask them to repeat cause I don't understand the first time around. So everyday, basaenak ti Tagalog Book. Very important. Ilocano is just strange sometimes. Eventually I'll pick it up really soon because we have some investigators that only understand and speak Ilocano. Anyways, That's the news! Take care everyone! Much love,

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