Monday, April 15, 2013

Week #6: General Conference Week and a branch picnic filipino style but no pics!

Hello from Santa Ana!

So check this out. If you want to get an idea of my mission area, survivor (that reality show) is in my mission area of Cagayan. They're filming in San Vicente. So you'll get to see what my mission area is like. Anyways, I don't think I'm losing weight. I've been eating so much here. Elder Polgo said the foreign missionaries lose weight cause they don't know how to eat filipino food. The filipinos gain weight.

So this weekend we had General Conference. It was great. I never thought I'd be extremely excited for it. In between the Sunday sessions, we had a branch picnic. Lots of rice, lots of ulam. Mostly pinakbet and fish. Fish prepared in different ways. Even in mongo.

So about the pancit, since we had a baptism we said we would bring the pancit to celebrate but it was so late and the palengke had but it wasn't that great. Fortunately sister Ruaburo prepared some pancit anyways. So there was a lot of pancit to go around. A lot of the members always wants to feed us. Everytime we're at a house they say to stay and eat.

So when it comes to missionary work this week, yesterday we were on our way to visit this referral who wanted to be baptized. I texted him earlier to tell him we were on our way so we got on the tryce and headed to San Vicente. The main road was blocked because the guy running for mayor had all his cars slowly drive down the road blocking the main road. So we left and got a text from Gerald saying he can't be baptized because his father won't let him. It's so unfortunate but we'll pray for him. I guess getting stuck in traffic was the Lord's way of helping us not waste pamasahe and letting us know not to go to San Vicente yet. We also met this older couple, the Ritoria family. They are very open to hearing our message and sister Ritoria is reading every assignment we give her. Tatay can't read to good though. Hopefully we can commit them to baptism.

We we're also able to reactivate this one inactive family. We have been going to their house every monday night for FHE. We have actually been invited to several family's FHE. Now they have been coming to church. Our area is full of less actives. The work is difficult now in Sta Ana because its harvest season and school is out. So everyone is either on vacation, vacationer, or working in the bukid. They're even sleeping to because its siesta. It's hard to teach in the afternoon especially.

Unfortunately no pictures this week. I had lent my camera to Elder Cahigao so he can take pictures so next week na lang. I didn't really take much pictures anyways this week. So in 6 weeks I will be training here in Santa Ana. The time is going by so fast. So dad, only the Zone Leaders go back to Laoag once a month. I'll be going to the mission home when I have to go pick up my trainee but I'd be working in Laoag for the a week until he comes. Did you find out anything about sister Lupien and when she will be coming. It's pretty cool. At least I'll have someone from my home stake serving in the same mission as me. So is there any news back home? Please give me updates! Also please ask papa for his Bicol Express recipe. I want to try to make it. Also mom, give me some recipe for pinakbet. Unfortunately here, there's no beef. Only chicken, pork and fish. Good enough. Lots of gulay. I also got to see brother Agresor cleaning a dead pig to sell. They were shaving it. Walang pictures though.

Anyways, its good to hear my jacket is being put to good use. I met a lot of missionaries (I mean A LOT) going to Montreal while I was at the MTC. Usually Elder del Rosario would talk to some missionaries and ask what language they're learning and he'd turn to me and say "Elder Morales, they're french!" So I'd ask them where they're serving and its usually Montreal or France. I heard mostly Montreal though. So there are probably a bunch of missionaries who have met me. Anyways, its great to hear about Kemar's family! He should serve a mission! It's such a great experience.

So about the weather, it was pretty rainy this past week. Elder Polgo thought it was a typhoon. It didn't rain hard, it was really drizzling mainly. We didn't even need our umbrellas. It was kind of refreshing.

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