Monday, April 8, 2013

Week #5: More Baptisms!


It's finally cool in the Philippines. As in the weather. It was really hot the beginning of the week, a bit above 40 degrees. So as for the news here, we had 2 baptisms this past saturday.

We have 3 more baptismal dates to work with. Members are bringing us more investigators. The work here in Santa Ana is progressing but it's kind of a problem since we're mostly baptizing girls. We only have a meeting house here, not a chapel. We need to try and reactivate a lot of the families here. There are many. We also ran into a Jehova's Witness minister this week. Hopefully we can help him realize the importance of the book of mormon. It is such an important book! So fast sunday, it was so difficult especially trying hard not to die of thirst cause it was so hot. I bore my testimony in Tagalog so that was fun. So the biggest focus here is finding and reactivating families. We catch people's interest by explaining to them that the family can be together forever.
Who wouldn't want that? It's such an amazing thing to know! Sometimes we meet people here because they like to hear our message only and don't really want to investigate. 

We met this family, the Laud family, who are really involved in their church. Hopefully we can share something with them that will really get them thinking.

Anyways, its great to hear all the news from back home. Did you see any missionary wearing my winter jacket? It's probably floating somewhere around the montreal quebec mission. Oh also, tell people they can still send me dearelders.

 I've seen missionaries receiving them still over here. Anyways, I'm trying to send letters back home but I can only do it when I'm in Aparri on the first monday of the month, and it's kind of expensive. Anyways, let's see if there was anything interesting that happened this week other than the baptism. Elections for mayor are coming soon here in Santa Ana. So on Wednesday we had exchanges. I worked here in Santa Ana with Elder Lagasca and I had to lead the area. So we met this family who are the pamangkin of one of the councilors of one of the people running for mayor. They were really receptive and asking us good questions. We're going to be meeting with them again on wednesday. Yesterday, we decided to try this huge house.
It was the house of a guy running for mayor. He wasn't there but his body guards were.

Anyways, as for my Tagalog, nagsasanay ako araw-araw. Ang goal namin ay makipagusap ng tagalog sa labas ng apartment namin. Pero ngayon, naiintindihan ko ng Tagalog pero kaunti pa lang. Minsan, kailangan ko na magtanong na ulitin ang sentence kasi nagsasalitang dali sila. I'm able to differentiate between Ilokano and Tagalog now pero mahirap na mag-ilokano. Basic na basic lang... parang.. Anya ti nagan mo? or Awan ti (whatever). Or Amok ti pudno ti simbaan daytoy ket amok ti pudno ti profeta ni Joseph Smith. I'm not sure if it's even right but sounds right.

So this week's photos. We took pictures at some DA's we had. The first I think is at the Recolizado family. They we're the first people we met in the area.

The last one's are at the Ruaburo's house. They we're the second people met. So that baptism. They were the first people we found ourselves. The last baptism was from the previous missionaries. There's alot of random photos we took inside the van. Elder Polgo was trying to get them to face the camera but you know how girls are sometimes.

Anyways, President Barrientos told me to teach piano here so that's the plan. Apparently some of the youth here already have some knowledge in reading notes so my job has become a bit easier.

Anyways, that's the news for the week. Ingat kayo at mahal ko kayo!

Elder Morales

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  1. I enjoyed looking at the pictures! We get a good idea of what it s like to be in the PHILLIPINES. Chris looks great and handsome I must add!

    I hope he gets to visit with the one running to be the mayor!!!!! Can you imagine Chris baptizing him????

    You must be so pourud of your son Rose and Joe! We are too!

    God bless your son and family!!!!
    Brigitte & Bill