Monday, May 6, 2013

Week #9: What is that stinky smell?

This is what Chris wrote me after sending him a pic of his bday cake last year because he would be missing it!

Hello mommy,

Nice picture of the cake. I miss ice cream cake. I doubt they have that here. But we do have ice cream. Apparently the cake here is just tinapay with icing on top. But the tinapay(bread) is sweet here. We eat tinapay every day for breakfast. We have been eating a lit of kilawin din kasi maraming isda dito. So ano ang interesting this week. Oh, we were trying to find out kung bakit mabaho sa loob ng apartment namin.(Why it smells bad in the apartment)
 So, dahil ang maraming (because of so many) house lizards, we found some crushed between the door hinges. We had to scrape them off. Pretty gross.

 Yesterday, we ended up playing with the children as we waited for our branch president. I think i mentioned before, we have family home evening there every sunday night. They have their pamangkin (relatives) there din. It's pretty cool have relatives over for family home evening. You should do that there. Elder Polgo usually has games after the lesson so it's fun.

Anyways, the work here is slowing down unfortunately, walang talagang (there's no) baptisms for May because of difficulties so ngayon, nag-fifind kami.(now we are tracting) Kung walang investigators, walang baptisms.(if there's no investigators, there's no baptisms) So finding is important now. We are working hard with members to fellowship investigators. Pero (but) our area is so big. It's hard to bring members from one barangay (town) to another.

So for mother's day, you just gotta wait for my phonecall kasi we don't know what time we're calling. I'm only going to find out on thursday. Anyways, I have to keep this email short kasi walang  time this time. We're in Aparri right now.

Oh by the way, my charger on my shaver broke so I gotta buy a new one... Can you please put at least 50 in my bank card? Merci. Anyways, i love you all! Take care

Elder Morales

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