Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #10: My Birthday Week

Before I post Chris letter... I want to just post up the bday cake the boys picked out for him. Leave it up to the boys!!!! LOL! It's his usual ice-cream cake but with a fun twist :)
The boys bought Chris a 'Princess' ice-cream cake for his bday and pretended it was for our little princess Esa

Esa got dressed for the part

She was extremely happy

Hello mom,

So this week I got to celebrate my birthday with certain members. We went to the Vitos family and brought little cupcakes. Then we went to the Abadicio family and had that rice inside the banana leaves. The sweet dessert thing. Today, we're supposed to go to the Ruaburo family. We're gonna be making pinapaitan for lunch. They told me to extend my birthday just so we can celebrate with them. Can you thank everyone for sending me b-day wishes?  

Anyways, this week of work is gonna be weird. We stayed in all day yesterday and we have to be back in apartment at 1 today. There's elections going on so no one to teach. We have to do a lot of finding this week. We running out of investigators and baptisms. Every person has an obstacle to overcome. That's the hardest thing here.

So by the way, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Tell ninang and mama also for me please. It's too bad the phone just cut-off. No warning.

So anyways, this past week, i had the opportunity of showering with a huge spider. It wouldn't leave the bathroom! Kind of creepy. Also yesterday, while I was writing letters, the power was slowly going out. Then it finally did. I got to shower in the dark as well. We also ran out of tinapay and kanin so we had to improvise our lunch and dinner yesterday. Corn beef lang. It was odd. So we went to sleep early cause it was too hard to do anything without any light. Our candles died out too. So it was a fun night.

So this week, I'll be finding out what's happening for the transfer. I could be training or not. Most likely yes since that is what president Barrientos said. I will be living in Santa Ana for 6 months.

Unfortunately for me, they don't sell any electric razors here at Aparri. I'm surviving off a basic razor and shaving cream. There's no aftershave so my facial hair grows quite fast. I just gotta learn to survive for the meantime. Hopefully they have some in Laoag City. I'm supposed to be going back there next monday if I will be training. Hopefully those packages come in time.

Oh yes, when you do send a package or if anyone does, try to use LBC if there's valuables inside. Also, I need Opti-Free (Concact lense cleaner). Just send a whole bunch so I don't need to ask for it anymore. Also, ask uncle Rodel if he got my letter! Anywho, that's the story of the week! Take care and love you all!

Elder Morales

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