Monday, March 17, 2014

Week #52: I don't think I have any more news... except work is hard still but it's still fun!

Hello all!

So guess what??? IT'S SUPER HOT HERE!!! Summer season has started and thankfully it's my last summer here. It's pretty hot here in Vigan. So let's see what I did this past week. Monday, we visited ate Karen. Actually, it was a really good week this week. We FINALLY got our best friend Arthur Acena to church. He's been investigating for 2 years! I think I told you about him before... the old man who came to the Branch FHE. Well I have a picture with him! We also had this new investigator come to church as well. It's the daughter of our recent convert. She and her husband came to church. They accepted baptism really well. They really want to know.

This past week we did a lot of finding. We have a lot of old people we are teaching. The area goal is to save the rising generation. Elder Oberg says "we're supposed to save the rising generation; but we're saving dying generation." The people we teach in the morning are 60+ years old.

We also found this dog outside our apartment. We fed our scraps to it. We named the dog Saggy. Just check the picture to see why. Dogs here are pretty gross.

So this past week... it was tough for the other elders in our apartment.. the work was at a stand-still. Also for the sisters in our branch. Just to give you an idea, the elders were working in Vigan city itself and the sisters were out in the bukid. It's kind of backwards. So I prayed about it if I should switch and I felt strongly that it should be changed. So I reported it to the BML then we talked to President Piedad. What we found out is that Vigan city was actually supposed to be for the sisters. Well that's the power of prayer! It's all done in a wise purpose that we don't understand.

So to answer your questions dad. Ilocano.. narigat pay.. Tagalog.. mahirap pa.. French.. Difficile. I tried talking to a french guy back in Laoag and I kept saying po or sige all over the place. And we talk to the family here in Tagalog or English. Broken Ilocano to the kids. Actually, auntie Jean brought Uno to church. Ace wanted to come but he's 3 years old and makulit. He should just come anyways.

Oh by the way, about DA's... Ipinagbabawal ni President Barrientos ang mga DAs after 5 pm. He wants us out proselyting after5 pm because that's when most people are home.

Our rice is not that Milagrosa stuff haha.. we buy that sinandomeng rice. If we're really poor.. TFA na lang. We're actually going to eat really really cheap this week. Torta. Money is scarce on a 5-week month. So we're all trying to survive.

Anyways, it's really hard to explain how I feel the Spirit during lessons. Just go work with the missionaries and you'll find out for yourself.

And being out for a year now, me and Elder Oberg were talking about this yesterday. For some reason, we look forward to General Conference now being missionaries haha. Before, it wasn't as important. One big thing I noticed for myself is how much I look forward to reading the scriptures. I'm reading the Old Testament now and man is it boring sometimes!!! But I've actually used the stories from there in some lessons.

Anyways, I don't think I have any more news... except work is hard still but it's still fun!

Love you all! and take care!

Elder Morales

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