Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week #4 at the MTC and just counting down!

Kumusta pamilya ko!

Thank you for the package! 
yay more treats!
We're all trying to eat all the food.
 The chips exploded in the box but it's all good. Also, I kinna need my right eye contacts. I only got the left.
the package with all the treats, the sweets, the chips, and Elder Del Rosario is happy!
So this week, we received our travel plans! It's about time. I think most of us are going crazy in the MTC. We all keep saying we want out and how we want to go to the Philippines already. So here's the breakdown of the week.

Tuesday: Got a package from the Johnson family! They sent me Jesus the Christ. Can you please thank them for me?
Wednesday: The new missionaries came in today. We had to do orientation since were zone leaders. I also made a message in a bottle for fun.

 As for TRC, we basically hometeach a member. Our goal was to encourage to seek revelation through reading the book of mormon. We taught him the first lesson in Tagalog. Thankfully I was able to get my message across. So on his review, we basically succeeded.

Thursday: Valentine's day. The sisters decided to decorate our door with hearts. Theres pictures of it. 
Sister's gave our door a 'heart-attack'

They gave us all candies so it was a pretty good valentine's day. We got a great district. At night, the elders got together and bought these mexican drinks and we had to eat all these cookies that everyone kept sending so we could get rid of them. 
mexican drinks non-alcoholic of course!
 Most of the elders got sick from the sugar overload that Elder Williams pretty much... got really sick.

Friday: My kasama was gone for the morning so I was basically walang kasama para sa umaga. So I was just went into a threesome with Elder Castillo and Elder Erickson for the day. We sang sister Wilson "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" as a quartet. It was really cool. When we left, apparently she said "I love those guys they're so stupid!"

Saturday: We celebrated Elder Johnson's birthday. There was cake and everything. Unfortunately I don't have any photos. My battery died.
Sunday: We decided to finally join choir. It's great. I don't know why we decided to join our last week. The good thing though is that it guarantees us a seat for tonight at the devotional. It's going to be so packed. The choir director was telling us that its the biggest choir he's ever conducted. This has got to be because of the thousands of missionaries coming.

Monday: So in the morning, we were practicing extending and following up on commitments. I pretended to forget about the commitment I made that I would stop smoking and then Elder Larson looked so disappointed that he told me straight "Mahalaha po pamily... binyag?" It was like I got slapped in the face by the Spirit. That was really cool. Then later, there were deer in the MTC campus right beside our residence. Elder Hanohano tried to catch the deer.
Well, that's pretty much all the excitement for the week. I've been just finding all the interesting things to write down from my journal. Next tuesday, you'll be getting a phonecall from me when I get to the airport. I may call from LA, especially since everyone will be home. Our flight plan is from SLC to LA then from LA straight to Philippines. My companion keeps telling me Philippine Airlines sucks. He's a survivor, not a passenger. (That's what he just told me) Totoong kuwento.

Paki-sabi po kayo sa mama at sa papa na magdala sila ng mga kuwento tungkol ang buhay nila sa Pilipinas. Nagtuturo po kayo sa kanila na gawin ang dearelder. Gusto ko pong marinig mula sa kanila at siguro, makakapagsulat po sila sa Tagalog.
Okay so that's enough Tagalog for one day. Anyways, I hope to hear from you all soon. Send me as much dearelders as you all can. It's my last week here too. Tell my friends too. Thanks! I love you all. And thanks for all the photos! Especially all that food. I had to share the polvoron around. It was hard since I love it so much but I figure I'll be getting a ton in the Philippines. Oh and by the way, Vigan is in my mission area. So who knows, I may run into uncle Willy one day or even my cousins. Anyways, take care everyone!
Elder Morales

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