Monday, September 2, 2013

Week #26 - We're ALL Sick so I'm trying to fatten up a little!!!

Hello all,

So this past week, we all got lagnat this time. It was raining and raining all week. Most of our zone got sick. So it wasn't pretty fun. On thursday, we had interviews too. Elder Oden drove the car into a ditch so we had to find ways to get it out. I got to drive President Barrientos car to back it up. Now that was pretty cool. It was weird stepping into the driver's seat and turning on a car. Other than that, I'm 100% going to the office now. President kept telling me things about who's going where and I know that Elder Bulseco is going to the office too this upcoming transfer but he doesn't know that I know.

 hi from e larson 

Anyways, I'm right now in Laoag shopping for random stuff. I had to buy a nice big strong umbrella. And when I say big... I mean BIG!!! I'm tired of getting wet. I'm tired of getting sick. It's not fun being on medication a whole day. But we're all okay now. Anyways, we did a deep cleaning of our apartment today because.. it just needs to be cleaned, especially since everyone was sick.

As for the work in Bangui, it's slowing down unfortunately, but new investigators are turning up. We have two baptisms coming up on September 14. That should be fun, especially since we have a Branch FHE that night. This branch is really progressing now. It's really impressive. While we were in McDonald's today, we ran into other missionaries and they said that by next transfer, 30 new missionaries are coming in, so that puts us over 200 missionaries in the Laoag mission! Where do we put them!? Apparently President Barrientos is starting to put 3 pairs of missionaries in each area!

I'm just trying to think of all the interesting things that happened this week but there's really nothing. I just have 4 weeks left in Bangui. I'm looking forward to going to Laoag but at the same time I don't want to leave Bangui. Office work is extremely demanding. I'm going to be in finance and the funny thing is, I was never good with money. We'll see what happens. It's going to be fun going to church with President Barrientos.

So how is everyone doing? I miss having filipino breakfasts. We did have one for dinner last night. Rice, eggs, and longganisa. The longganisa here is different. It's nice sweet. It's garlic flavoured. I've actually seen them make it. Oh and mom, I had lanzones. It just tastes really bad when you eat the seed by accident. So that's what's up here. Agannadkayo! Ay-ayatenkayo!
trying to eat well to get better!

Elder Morales

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