Monday, August 26, 2013

Week #25 - Having trouble with the English language! Lol!

Hello family,

So this past week was fun. Let's see. On saturday, I got to do a baptismal interview... to an 85 year old Ilokana lady who didn't understand english or tagalog. At least I had a translator. That was fun though. Saturday, we also had 4 baptisms. We have some more coming up... children. We also met this one guy from California who's living in the Philippines now. It's weird teaching in English sometimes. I'm just so used to speaking in Tagalog. Even Elder Clark is having trouble speaking English in lessons. It's like we don't know what to say. I think we're going to have to start practice teaching in English instead of Tagalog.

So anyways, on sunday, President Barrientos came back cause he had to an emergency interview for the new missionary. Afterwards, President Barrientos quickly interviewed me as well. He pretty much laid my future out for me for next transfer and for many transfers to come. He told me I'm leaving Bangui the upcoming transfer and going to Laoag to the mission office. I'm most likely going to be in finance. I'll also be driving. That's all I know. I already saw that coming though because President hinted to me last interview. He said, first you train, then you go to the office. So no surprises in my mission. I may be in the office for awhile too... It's okay . I'll survive. I just want to go out and work but without the office, the work can't go forward.
Today, we went to a white rock (kapurpurawan) and we also went to the oldest lighthouse in Philippines and second oldest in all of Asia. We went with an RM. He's pretty cool.

We're going to use him as a fellowshipper for when we work in Burgos. He even told us he has a lot of friends he wants to share the gospel with. We saw that today and he kept introducing us to all the people he knows in Burgos. We told him he could become the branch president of Burgos when they start a meetinghouse there. He started laughing.
Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. Medjo mahirap para sa akin ngayon na isulat ang mga email sa tagalog kasi takes time. Pero susubukan ko next time. Kailangan ko na mag-practice na magsulat sa tagalog. At kailangan ko pa na mag-practice ng Ilocano ko. Walang guide talaga na i-form ang mga sentence. Yung proper structure. Alam ko ang mga basic na basic pero mahirap pa rin. Mahirap na maalaala ang mga word kasi ANG DAMI!!! Kasi... nalipatak!
Anyways, keep me updated! Love you all ken agannadkayo! Ay-ayaten ko kayo!

Elder Morales

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