Monday, March 18, 2013

Week #2: It's VERY HOT!

 March 18, 2013

Hello family,

How are you all?? The weather is getting hotter and hotter now so it's crazy. So I gave my camera to one of the youth in the branch and she went crazy taking pictures of random stuff so there you go. 

There's just so many pictures to send. So anyways, we had our first baptism last saturday. The work is picking up here which is pretty cool. We already have 4 people committed to baptism. One investigator that previous missionaries have been working with for 2 years finally decided he wanted to be baptized except his asawa <spouse> won't let him. So we have to pray hard for him. The main thing we really focus on here is families.

Anyways, last week we had a dinner appointment. We had fried rice and fish. And we ate with our hands. Reminded me of home. It was fun. So yeah, I've been cooking and experimenting with foods here.
I cooked caldereta today and last week pinakbet except I used too much bagoong so it was way too salty so I kept adding water to dilute it. 

All we've really been eating was pancit canton and rice and alot of mangoes. We have all these powders for foods but it takes time to cook it. I told Elder Polgo that when I have a puti companion, I will make the pinapaitan.

Oh, also, can you get me uncle Rodel's home address? There's a missionary here and he's from Winnipeg and I told him to go reactivate uncle. The missionary is going home soon. Hopefully I get sent to Vigan one of these transfers. Apparently it's really nice there. Where I am involves a lot of walking! All the Barangay are far apart. 
All the animals here are so loud. The dogs keep me up at night and the roosters wake me up too early. I'm getting used to it though.
one of the dogs that keep me up at night

one of the many loud roosters that 'wakes' me up too early!

So these next few weeks I'll try to take pictures of the Philippines. You can see the mga bukid and mga bundok where we are. And the ocean also. And the islands far out in the ocean. I realized I had no camera case so I made one out of an old sock. Then Elder Polgo gave me his old camera case cause he's going home soon. Anyways love you all! Ingat kayo!

Elder Morales

he wasn't really going to eat it i'm sure :)

boys love to collect beetles

 PS...More pictures. There's pictures of the baptism and most of the branch. Oh so let me tell you about the baptism. 

We practically fit most of the branch into one vehicle and drove to Baua which is a 30 minute drive about. The branch president here is awesome and so diligent. So there were about 15 people in one vehicle. Elder Polgo sat in the trunk of the van. We also brought our two investigators with us who have a baptismal date. So that's an interesting side note!

Oh and p.s. Can you send me that Ilokano dictionary i told you about? It'll help me learn faster. Tell jordan nevermind the hair gel cause they have it here.

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